Madison Paper Sets Sights on Turning Wisconsin’s I-90 into a Tollway

The family's five-year old loves to watch the trains delivering food at Wisconsin Dell's Buffalo Phil's, where we dropped over a $100 into Wisconsin pockets, not counting the money grabbers at the arcade.

The Wisconsin State Journal isn’t satisfied with the economic shot in the pocket book that Illinois tourists and students bring to its state’s economy.

It wants more of Illinois residents’ shrinking family income.

The Skinner family was in the Wisconsin Dells at the three water park Wilderness Territory.

I read some interesting depositions and finished up a novel on England’s King Alfred.

And, I handed my credit card to numerous Wisconsin establishments.

Now, the liberals who editorialize to the socialist City of Madison and spread their opinions free of charge (very ideologically pure that paper is) to the resort’s visitors are calling on Congress to allow any state to turn four- or six-lane highways into tollways.

Just like Illinois.

The top of the Wisconsin State Journal's editorial in favor of turning freeways into least near Illinois.

In fact, the illustration in the editorial is a photo of toll lanes in Illinois.

If there is any doubt as to the target of this suggestion, read the following:

“An our neighbors to the south–all those Illinois tourists who flock to Wisconsin on weekends and throughout the summer–would contribute to the cost.”


Madison Paper Sets Sights on Turning Wisconsin’s I-90 into a Tollway — 4 Comments

  1. They already get our tourist money anyway….now they are getting our jobs….and now they want more…..just sayin…..

  2. I guess they see it as if Illinois politicians can tax the heck out of their people and keep getting reelected then why can’t we get in on some of that?

  3. The State Journal is actually the conservative, Republican paper in Madison. The Capital Times is the Democratic paper. Madison is one of those rare two-newspaper towns where the papers have sharply different editorial slants, like the Trib and the Sun-Times.

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