Hultgren Holds Meet, Greet and Recruit Meeting in Crystal Lake

McHenry County Republican Headquarters is at the tip of the "V" in the Crystal Lake Plaza.

With the lure of free Pinemoor Pizza hot out of the oven almost next door, Congressman Randy Hultgren held a Meet and Greet at McHenry County Republican Party headquarters in a very much under re-construction Crystal Lake Plaza.

Pinemoor Pizza, "Open at 4," the sign says.

At least thirty potential constituents found their way to the small office in the tip of the “V” that my father and I used to occupy when I served as State Rep. in the mid-1970’s.  (He had his trade association, the Barley and Malt Institute there.)

Randy Hultgren spoke to the crowd. He explained that he and Joe Walsh had different styles. "Styles only go so far," he said.

The liquor store next door that became a barber shop is now a shoe repair place. The beauty parlor my mother used to frequent is empty and the Plaza is getting its second make over since it opened in the early 1960’s.

Lake in the Hills Precinct Committeeman Sam Paglini was sporting a Hultgren sticker.

The Hultgren people ordered five pizzas, but ended up having to get five more as hungry folks ate their way through the boxes.

Randy Hultgren talks with Irene Napier before entering GOP Headquarters. Don Drzal and Mary Alger are close by. Bernie Narusis is seen walking toward the office.

The event started at six and the Congressman came a bit later, just as a contingent of Pro-Life leaders were coming down the sidewalk.

Randy Hultgren made contact with a number of Precinct Committeemen, mainly from Grafton and Nunda Townships. He expressed the opinion that this would be an election of Precinct Committeemen and explained that was how he got his start.

“I want to be a Congressman you can be proud of,” Hultgren told the crowd.

Randy Hultgren confers with Joe Alger, a moving force in Patriots United.

“I want to make sure we are building our party with young conservatives,” he added.

Best quote of the night came from Dave Hellyer:

“Before Obama got in, I had business.”

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