Backdooring Sheriff Nygren’s Replacement – Part 4

Keith Nygren

Andy Zinke, endorsed by Sheriff Keith Nygren

So what happens if McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren does not quit before it’s too late to put someone on the ballot for the fall 2012 election

That’s the option we are reduced to if Nygren resigns after 28 months before the end of his term on December 1, 2014.

The answer is a County Board appointment.

That could, of course, be Nygren’s Undersheriff Andy Zinke.


Backdooring Sheriff Nygren’s Replacement – Part 4 — 2 Comments

  1. A little history lesson — When Bianchi was being investigated, on more than one occasion he said that he had nothing to hide and would fully co-operate.

    That is what he did, all the way down the line.

    An innocent person does not make a big, raging stink like Nygren is doing.

    The Northwest Herald is ripping Zane up to pieces with garbage and has been doing puff pieces for Andy for some time now.

    The Northwest Herald is trying to make Nygren a “victim of a which hunt” like Bianchi was. It was the Northwest Herald that said 3 TIMEs that Bianchi should step down.

    They keep telling the public that it is going to cost the county sooo much money to investigate Nygren .

    They DO NOT TELL YOU that Seipler has asked that an appellate prosecutor or the Attorney General investigate.

    This is at NO COST TO THE COUNTY.

    Where is the credibility of that paper??

    Nygren knows he is cooked, so now he wants to set up “his boy” and stuff him down our throats.

  2. Have an investigation into NYgren and there will be A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THE STAR ISSUE. That, in itself costs the county mega$$$$$$$$$. Turning over the rocks will produce a lot more expensive snakes.

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