Sheriff Keith Nygren Appeals Former Deputy & Primary Opponent Zane Seipler’s Third Ruling re Reinstatement

Zane Seipler

Keith Nygren

Here we go again.

It wasn’t good enough for an outside arbitrator to rule that McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler should get his job back, but be punished with a three-day suspension, just as another Deputy, Jennifer Asplund, had been.

It wasn’t good enough that Associate Judge Thomas Meyer ruled a year ago that the arbitrator’s ruling was reasonable.

It wasn’t good enough that three justices of the 2nd Appellate Court in Elgin ruled without dissension that Seipler should get his job back, just as the auditor and the 22nd Circuit Court Judge ruled.

So, as predicted, Sheriff Nygren is off to the Illinois Supreme Court on a Don Quixote windmill tilting mission.


It’s not just to waste more taxpayer’s money, which an appeal such as this will assuredly do.

After all, the Illinois Supreme Court is controlled by Justices who were elected with the help of labor union money.

Hard to think of such Justices weakening union arbitration bargaining rights, especially when three Republican Appellate Court Justices would have to reversed.

In my opinion, this is more than just revenge on Nygren’s part, although it is certainly that.

No one has given Nygren as many fits as Zane Seipler.

No one has caused so many reforms within the Department since Democrat Art Tyrell in the mid-1970’s..

In his Federal court case claiming wrongful termination Nygren’s employees, past and present, have been put under oath and Nygren knows what has been said about himself and the department he runs.  He can’t be anxious for the transcripts to be shared with the media, even if the Northwest Herald will treat them with kid gloves.

Andy Zinke, endorsed by Sheriff Keith Nygren

So keeping Seipler from earning a livelihood for a couple of more months while the appeal process grinds on, even with Seipler going to get a couple hundred thousand dollar check for back pay, is undoubtedly part of Nygren’s thinking.

That not only makes family finances tough, but it deprives Seipler of the money to finance a campaign against newly-named Undersheriff Andy Zinke, just in case Nygren’s succession plan includes a primary election in March for a two-year unexpired term for Sheriff.

Or, as one of my readers told me recently, am I being too conspiratorial?

Hard not to be having grown up in McHenry County and Illinois politics.


Sheriff Keith Nygren Appeals Former Deputy & Primary Opponent Zane Seipler’s Third Ruling re Reinstatement — 13 Comments

  1. i remember Nygren said that unless a judge tells me to, I am not giving Seipler his job back.


    Why would anyone believe what Nygren says???

  2. Nygren’s actions are irrational; is there someone out there that can get this man under control? it’s a dark time in McHenry County’s history, a political doomsday.

  3. Cal, thus far, the legal maneuvering and decisions regarding any and all issues related to Zane Seipler’s employment have been made by one man.

    That one man is Sheriff Keith Nygren. Nobody else has the legal capability to make these ongoing decisions.

    Keep in mind for a ‘Conspiracy” to take place, it takes “More than one person” being involved.

    Who would you opine is the second or ‘other’ persons filing such petitions with the courts besides Sheriff Nygren?

    If you can name names, and prove others are directly linked to this ongoing litigation, then yes, you have a ‘Conspiracy.’

    This is all very sad indeed. However, the law provides for these actions that are taking place.

    It is believed generally, that when BOTH parties of any case agree to utilize the “Arbitration” arena as full and final ‘say so,’ that it is like the parties giving their word that they will live with the arbiters decision whether or not, either party agrees with or even likes the decision.

    It would be ‘fool hearty’ for anybody at this point to believe this case has anything to do with any employment related issues. That ship sailed long ago!

  4. Mr. Bachmann:
    Perhaps if Nygren’s influence is limited to the Sheriff’s Department, you would be correct. However given the importance and visibility of the Sheriff’s position, is his influence limited to his office? And what about politics and playing with the other bullies in the sandbox? Nope, I daresay the good Mr. Skinner’s reference is accurate given the “Old Boys” network. Heck, this is Illinois. That’s all that needs to be said to establish the possibility of something going on. Nothing happens in a vacuum, for example the persecution of State’s Attorney Biachi and the subsequent fighting over representation of Nygren for some of his “decisions”.

  5. Mr. Greenlee
    You are an intelligent and welcome commenter for all of us.
    Thank you.

  6. Mr. Greenlee, thank you.

    I would be in total agreement with you, however we must keep in mind how Cal has structured his “Conspiracy” story.

    As we know, Zane and the Sheriff are involved in Multiple cases, each are filed not only on different issues, but also in more than one jurisdiction.

    EACH FILING/CASE MUST BE considered separately and on their own merits.

    Cal has ‘combined’ in his story and then in providing his always well thought out theory, incorrectly put all the cases into one ‘basket’ incorrectly tying one case to another, and then to another.

    Fact: Cal’s postings have been based upon ONE topic, that being, this issue of whether or not Under Sheriff Andrew Zinke will be ‘Back Doored’ into the Sheriff’s position.

    Then, Cal has taken all the other cases, and under the same ‘topic’ lumped them all into a “Conspiracy” theory “Question.”

    So I respectfully ask, “What does Zane Seipler’s Job Termination Case have to do with Under Sheriff Zinke’s showing’s at recent GOP Political events?

    What does Zane Seipler’s case asking for a “Special Prosecutor” have to do with Andrew Zinke’s recent Political showings?

    We also must add Sheriff Nygren to this because Cal has tied Sheriff Nygren, Under Sheriff Zinke and Zane Seipler’s cases into one ‘story line,’ that being, is there a conspiracy to place US Zinke into office.

    The ONLY topic that could be considered as a possible “Conspiracy” is a Politcal decision…. so are we now saying all pollitics is Conspiratorial?

    That answer is clear…… OF COURSE! However it’s a legal conspiracy to help a particular person win any election.

    Again, the other issues all jammed up in this story, have absolutely nothing to do, one with the other, cases.

    Now, if we ‘reverse’ Cal’s theory, then, would it not be logical for us to all then say, well, Zane Seipler’s cases are also a ‘Conspiracy’ against the Sheriff.

    Of course, I do not believe this is the case either.

    Each case is totally different from the other, and they should NOT be lumped into on category and certainly, Andrew Zinke’s political ambitions wheter real or imagined, cannot be linked as a ‘conspiracy’ regarding Zane’s employment issues, or any possible “Racial Profiling” issues.

    I hope this helps clearify the intent of my post above.

  7. some seem to think that because it is covered by insurance, the cost isn’t “all that bad.” once premiums rise or the inability to garner coverage for the county starts showing up, then they will realize the true cost of these escapades. the county board, county attorney and administrator should have a working group to review all outside counsel requests, negotiate rates and determine if payment is to be made.

  8. Thank you Mr Skinner for writing what Nygren’s Newsletter (NWH) won’t, THE FACTS.

    They don’t go to Rockford for any of the motions/hearings nor do they FOIA request information in order to write a complete and balanced story.

    They spew out spoon fed information from the Sheriff’s office and attempt to persuade public opinion in favor of one side.

    Today’s front page story basically puts the blame of high legal costs on the former deputy.

    However what they continuously and intentionally fail to mention is that Zane Seipler won his job back in 2009. Period!

    That would of have been the end of legal fees in that case.

    However, Nygren has continued to appeal 2009, appeal 2010, and appeal 2011 and has cost this county the $600K as the Nygren Newsletter touts.

    I thank you for pointing out the facts.

    And I have all the confidence that McHenry County taxpayers will see through the one sided stories in this so called paper.

  9. Addendum to my last comment.

    The Nygren Newsletter continues to incorrectly cite that the former deputy was terminated for writing tickets/warnings to innocent people. Nygren’s own lawyer stated in open court that he was terminated for reporting racial profiling.

    When all the transcripts/depositions from Seipler’s case regarding employment and the transcripts/depositions from Federal court in Rockford become public, the McHenry county world is in for a treat, the actual truth/facts.

    A behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the Sheriff’s office. I bet the sheriff can’t wait for that info to get out.

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