Kent Gaffney Tossing Cary Meet & Greet with Free Food

Following the example of Congressman Randy Hultgren with his pizza party the Friday night before last, State Rep. Kent Gaffney is using free food to try to get know more of his constituents.

The email from McHenry County GOP Executive Director Geri Davis sums the opportunity up,

“Meet and greet State Representative Kent Gaffney and his wife Elizabeth on October 29 from 5-8pm at the Wool Street Grill in Cary. Free Food & Beverages.”

The location of Kent Gaffney's Oct. 29th event.

This approach didn’t start with Hultgren, of course.

Back with Skip Tonigan was running for Circuit Court Judge, he treated Republican Precinct Committeemen to treats and drink at a Biltmore Country Club near the intersection of Routes 59 and 12.

Congressman Phil Crane had sit down dinners, but I can’t remember where.

The Gaffney event is 800 Feinberg Court in Cary.  Not having a clue where that is, I looked it up and share the map with you.

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