Walsh Puts His Spin on Fund Raising Reports

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Rep. Walsh on another strong fundraising quarter

“This continued support tells me that people are happy that I have kept my promises to cut the size of government, cut taxes, cut red tape and kill Obamacare.”

Joe Walsh

Randy Hultgren


McHenry– Last night Congressman Joe Walsh released his third quarter fund-raising numbers.

As of September 31st, Congressman Walsh has now raised over $800,000 dollars.

This latest quarter now puts him on pace for raising over one million dollars for the year.

These numbers contrast with his potential opponent Randy Hultgren who has only raised roughly $650,000 for the year.

Other highlights from this reporting period are:

  • Congressman Walsh now holds an almost $200,000 cash on hand advantage over Congressman Hultgren after just 9 months.
  • For the third straight quarter, Congressman Walsh has raised more money from individual contributions than Congressman Hultgren. This is a strong sign of support and enthusiasm for Congressman Walsh amongst voters.
  • The vast majority of contributions were collected after Congressman Walsh announced that he would be running in the 14th district, which is his home district.

On the release of his third quarter numbers Walsh stated,

“I am truly humbled once again by the number of people who have contributed their time or money in supporting what we began over two years ago when I first announced I was running for Congress.

“I am very proud of the fact that for the third straight quarter the overwhelming amount of contributions have come from individuals.

“This continued support tells me people are happy that I have kept my promises to cut the size of government, cut taxes, cut red tape and kill Obamacare.”

“While I am disappointed with the Democrat drawn map and am still hopeful that the map is overturned in court, I am confident with my choice to run in my home district where a large portion of my current constituents will continue to reside.

“By the fact that I received the overwhelming majority of my contributions after I announced that I will run for re-election in the 14th, clearly the people of Illinois also strongly agree with my decision.”

For fundraising results for all Illinois Republicans (and some Democrats where the contest will probably be competitive), plus my analysis of the Hultgren-Walsh fund raising this quarter, click here.


Walsh Puts His Spin on Fund Raising Reports — 2 Comments

  1. Spin is true. Fact…Hultgren out raised Walsh this last quarter by about $30,000. Fact… since Walsh announced his desire to run against incumbent Hultgren combined with the dead beat dad issue Walsh’s support has been drying up.

    Leave it to Walsh to spin the story-truth is not his strong point.

  2. Something else to consider to back up TJ’s point, as was announced on Friday, the McHenry County based Pro-Life Victory PAC has endorsed Congressman Hultgren over Congressman Walsh in the 14th.

    More proof, many are becoming dissatisfied with Congressman Walsh.

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