McHenry County Parties Have Little Financial Resources

The Democrats' 2010 booth at the McHenry County Fair.

It’s an off year for partisan politicians, but you’d think parties and candidates would be trying to raise money.

Must be a tough economy, because the McHenry County Democrats didn’t even try.

No receipts and $5,140 in the bank.

The County GOP raised $20,810, but spent $12,435.

Left to spend?

$12,064 when one adds in the beginning balance of $3,689.

Republican Party Chairman has his own leadership fund apart from the Central Committee. It’s called the Chairman’s Circle.

The 2011 GOP McHenry County Fair booth.

$1,266 raised, but $1,000 of that was a loan from Tryon’s state rep. campaign fund.

Left to spend?


The only local element of the Republican Party showing much activity is the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee. (Picnic this Saturday at Veterans Acres in Crystal Lake at the Rotary Building.)

There’s a bit over $2,000 in its bank account with solicitations having been sent to all possible candidates.

So, one can conclude that party resources are slim.


McHenry County Parties Have Little Financial Resources — 3 Comments

  1. That’s because McHenry County politicians excite no one.

    You can’t trust most of them (Althoff climbing into bed — figuratively — with Franks; being under the rule of Chairman Neckbeard, no choice in city elections in Crystal Lake,

    Tryon being a stooge of Springfield leaders) and the ones you do are held under the thumb of McHenry County’s political thugs.

    If I could just go to McDonald’s and get Boardwalk to go with my 17 Park Place pieces, I could get free of the People’s Republic of Illinois.

  2. Or, Mr. Greenlee, take your ideas and obvious passion for ‘making things right’ and toss your hat into the ring.

    Reading your comments, you’re obviously a man who has no fear of expressing his opinion and appears to ‘see’ the same obvious ‘wrongs’ that need to be addressed.

    Sure, it’s a tough gig, but, if you can platform your ideals, you might affect some changes even if you don’t necessarily win any elections.

    By commenting utilizing your own name, you are already ahead of 99 percent of the wolf pack who hide behind the shadows of falsehoods.

    Most often, ‘Campaigns’ are about creating awareness and representing the most basic voice of the ‘common working family.’

    Just a thought for you to consider? You appear to be a ‘tough’ guy. We like ‘tough guys and gals’ too!

  3. Why I will not run for office:

    1. I have children at home and my time to them is more important than anything else I can do. I push back because I want them to have a better community and life, something that will not happen with present leadership at pretty much any level of government.

    2. Before I moved her, I contemplated a run for school board in DeKalb. One of the adminstrators advised that I could do more good on the outside than on the inside. Of course six months after we moved, the new superintendent pushed that administrator out the door and I wasn’t there to help. But I appreciate the advise he gave.

    3. Finances. I won’t ask for money, not good at it, never will be. I’m afraid if I ever run for office, my only campaign contributor will be Visa.

    4. I use the word “moron” way too much in any conversation. I have sat in meetings and even developed things like “Moron Factor” and “Moron Warning”.

    5. I prefer my independence.

    6. I work in Chicago, I get up at 4:30 a.m. and already get to bed at 11:30 p.m.

    7. My vacation time is for my family and not for you or anyone else to determine how I spend my time. Despite President Obama’s best efforts, this is still America.

    I do rather resent the “tough guy” label. Internet tough guys cower behind anonymous ID’s. Anybody has an issue with what I say, they can find me in the phone book or on the internet. And then probably come to my house and slash my tires.

    Just because you came up short in your run for office, that does NOT give you the right to devalue my comments or anyone else’s because of our situations in not running for office. That, my friend, is an internet “tough guy”. I put signs up in my yard for the few good people out there (read that Seipler, Schofield, Thorsen and soon to be Romney). Shame this post is so buried that no one else will see it. It is a good discussion to have and I don’t want anybody to think I’m a hypocrite or afraid to engage you or anyone else.

    Excuse me. I really have to get back to trying to find Boardwalk.

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