200 Page Water Resources Plan Passed McHenry County Board

The lengthiest item on the agenda of the last McHenry County Board meeting was the Water Resources Action Plan. I admit to not having the stamina to wade through it.

The County Board has sent out the following press release on it. If any reader has read or is willing to read the document, which can be found here (before minor changes by the County Board). Please provide your take in the comment section.

New McHenry County Passes Water Resources Action Plan

WOODSTOCK, IL – On Tuesday, October 18, the McHenry County Board unanimously approved the McHenry County Water Resources Action Plan (WRAP).

This plan was developed over a two and a half year time period using a consensus building approach with McHenry County municipalities, townships, and other interested stakeholders.

The plan underwent an additional two years of review by the County Board’s Natural and Environmental Resources Committee.

The Plan is vitally important because the County is solely dependent on groundwater for all of its potable water needs, with no other options available.

Studies suggest that areas in Northeastern Illinois and McHenry County may experience water supply shortages as early as 2030.

In an effort to plan for the future and guard against supply shortages, McHenry County engaged in a comprehensive effort to study its Groundwater.

Cassandra McKinney

In 2007, McHenry County hired a Water Resource Manager and initiated the development of a comprehensive water resources plan. The Water Resources Action Plan is predicated on the importance of cooperative planning and the significance of building a strong base of scientific knowledge.

While developing the WRAP, McHenry County engaged in four scientific projects by partnering with state and federal agencies. McHenry County has invested nearly $2 million dollars of county, state and federal funds to complete these projects.

Projects include:

  • 3-D Hydrogeological Modeling (ISGS),
  • Groundwater Flow Modeling (ISWS),
  • Installation of and real-timing of 41 Observation Wells,
  • 2 Stream Gauges, and
  • Precipitation Gauges (USACE, USGS, and ISGS), and
  • Water Quality Sampling (USGS).

In March, the United States Geological Survey launched the McHenry County Hydrologic Information Website to track the real-time information: http://il.water.usgs.gov/data/McHenry/index.php.

The data are collected and transmitted on an hourly basis to record the short and long-term hydrological condition of the County. The data gathered from this project will be used to develop and refine a groundwater-flow model to assist with future groundwater management decisions.

For more information on the McHenry County WRAP, please contact Water Resources Manager Cassandra McKinney at 815-334-4213 or cclmckinney@co.mchenry.il.us.


200 Page Water Resources Plan Passed McHenry County Board — 2 Comments

  1. Cal
    Don’t forget the INCREASES the board voted for on Tuesday.

    INCREASES in their compensation amounting to $225.00 each board meeting.

    INCREASES for McHenry County employees salary 1-4% merit.
    Which the board stated they all deserve.
    WOW..They should feel lucky to have a job.

    INCREASES in real estate taxes 1.5% that was voted on Oct 8th.


  2. The first link in this article is broke.

    The link is broke in this sentence:

    If any reader has read or is willing to read the document, which can be found on this page by clicking on the upper left hand side and going to page 203-403, please provide your take in the comment section.

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