Hultgren-Walsh Campaign Tilting toward the Negative

This photo appeared first on McHenry County Blog.

It’s not all that unusual for people to use my photos.

Sometimes they ask permission.

Sometimes they just steal them.

Today one of my images taken at Congressman Randy Hultgren’s Crystal Lake pizza party appeared on a Facebook page apparently dedicated to denigrating Hultgren.

With personal issues being pretty much the strongest argument against re-electing Hultgren opponent Congressman Joe Walsh and Hultgren campaigners already utilizing them to influence voters to move toward Hultgren, perhaps it was inevitable that a supporter or supporters of Walsh would start a negative campaign against Hultgren.

If that’s what the 141th congressional district campaign is to deteriorate into, by the time it is over, a Democrat might have an opportunity to win.

People don’t like negative campaigning, even though all the professionals say it works.

Republicans would love to have both men remain in Congress.

The photo above has been illeagally posted on this Facebook page.

Both are solid conservatives.

There are real issues, however, that could be merchandised by both candidates.

There’s the issue of how long each man wants to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

By all appearances, Hultgren would like to make a career of it.

Walsh, on the other hand, has promised to serve on three terms.

Hultgren says that the district “needs a leader, not a cheerleader.”

Clearly that is an attempt to turn one of Walsh’s strong points–the ability to project his viewpoint nationally–into a negative.

Walsh has criticized his Republican House Speaker John Boehner.  Walsh says that Hultgren follows Boehner’s lead too readily.

This positioning by Walsh leads me to expect insider-challenger cleavage in the coming campaign.

In other words, Establishment versus outsider.

There may be issue differences as well.

Maybe the debate will focus on issues, but, if you asked me, I would be hard put to find them.

But, it seems likely, based on what I have seen, that this will be a campaign neither side will be proud of after it is over.

Please deliver us from Mike Madigan’s map, Federal Judges.


Hultgren-Walsh Campaign Tilting toward the Negative — 2 Comments

  1. Randy could stop this if he ran in the NEW 8th C.D. Joe Walsh has done a better job voting to maintain freedom in the 112th Congress. Joe Walsh deserves first choice for stepping out in front of the pack.

  2. William ‘”Call Me Joe “Cuz The IRS Is Looking For Me” Walsh is a TeaKlux embarassment to his district and he will be kicked to the curb like the rest of the depraved followers of the RepubliKlan’s sorry economic voodoo dance that has almost ruined America.


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