6th District McHenry County Board Candidate Michael Stanard Suggests 5% Cut in County Budget

Michael Stanard leans out of his red pickup truck with his logo, a take-off of the old Standard Oil one, to greet Corey Stohlquist at Marengo's Settlers Days Parade.

McHenry County Board candidate Michael Stanard explains what a 5% cut in the county budget would mean in terms that his 13-year old could understand in the following press release:


If my 13 year old daughter or yours, for example, was receiving a $20.00 allowance, and if her allowance was reduced by merely 5%, she could certainly make do with nineteen dollars, instead of twenty.

Our teenager might whine a bit at first, but she would soon realize and quickly agree to help mom and dad with the household budget. After all, only one dollar less would not put much of a crimp in her lifestyle.

The 2012 County Board budget will amount to $254,000,000.

That is, the County Board spends over 24 million each month – $695,890 – each and every day.

If we were to make a 5% cut, across the board, in every agency and every department, the savings would amount to $12,700,000 – almost 13 million dollars, per year.

This could be accomplished without the painful surgical removal of entire programs that are critically important, desirable or otherwise emotionally charged.

Like our 13 year olds, 5% less would not put a crimp in the County Board’s life-style.

Is a solution that would obviously work for a 13 year old too simple and easy?


6th District McHenry County Board Candidate Michael Stanard Suggests 5% Cut in County Budget — 4 Comments

  1. How is he going to get the unions to agree to a cut? His solution is a tad simple minded.

  2. The most simple usually yields great results, it’s the greatest common multiple of a budget that needs adjustments.

    Yes, agreement will be the roadblock but its an eye-opener to a solution.

  3. Simple minded and Stanard go hand in hand.

    A logo does not make a candidate and surprised he would be able to obtain the signatures necessary to be placed on the ballot.

    He was on a local board and failed to show up for the majorty of the meetings during his last year.

    Having worked with him on this board I just don’t see what he has to offer in local government.

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