MCC None-Faculty Staff 3-Year Contract Summary Released, 2-2.25% Salary Hikes, 14.3-15% Health Care Sharing


When this article was posted, I misread the document below.  It does not apply to McHenry County College faculty.  It applies to the non-certified staff.

I have made the corrections.

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Unlike almost all local school districts over the last five years, McHenry County College President Vicki Smith is giving the taxpayers an indication of what’s in the contract that will presumably receive Board approval Thursday night.

Kudos for the transparency.

Here’s the summary of the McHenry County College contact for  employees who don’t teach, which is being presented to the MCC Board.

I see I cannot copy and paste it, so downgrade the transparency kudos above.

What you see below is an image of the report which is not searchable over the internet:

Click to enlarge.

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