Rep. Tom Holbrook’s $51,000 Raise Just a Quinncidence

State Rep. Thomas Holbrook has a big pension boost in his future as a result of Governor Pat Quinn’s appointing him to chair the Illinois Pollution Control Board.

Just a Quincidence that he also voted to hike Illinois state income taxes 67% after last year’s election.



Rep. Tom Holbrook’s $51,000 Raise Just a Quinncidence — 1 Comment

  1. Here’s another Quinncidence.

    Ex one term IL Senator William Morris of Grayslake was one of 4 Board IL State Toll Authority board members ousted by Quinn the other day.

    Quinn appointed him to a 4 year term in 2009.

    Quinn then simultaneously appointed Morris the other day to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

    Morris was the lone board member that voted against the 2011 toll hike (roughly .35 ipass, .75 cash for autos) that takes effect in 2012.

    He’s a former Waukegan Mayor, Liquor Commissioner, and worked for 25 years as a public finance investment banker.

    In the same swoop, Quinn ousted the other Toll Board member with public finance experience, Maria Saldana of Chicago.

    Seems odd to get rid of board members with public finance experience when you are going to be issuing billions in bonds to finance toll road construction.

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