McHenry County of Governments Opposes Capping Tax Cap CPI Hikes in Property Downturns

“We want more!”

might be the motto of the McHenry County Council of Governments, a taxpayer-supported local meeting ground of local officials, elected and appointed.

The McCOG group’s Executive Director has sent out the following email in opposition to State Rep. Jack Frank’s House Bill 3793:

Good Afternoon-

The MCCG is strongly opposed to HB3793. This bill, if passed, would provide that if the total EAV of taxable property in a taxing district for the current levy year is less than the total equalized assessed value of all taxable property in the taxing district for the previous levy year, then the extension limitation is 0%. A taxing district could impose a rate increase only after that increase is approved by voters via referendum (instead of the lesser of 5% or the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index during the 12-month calendar year preceding the levy year).

This bill will be heard in the House Revenue and Finance Committee Tuesday October 25th at 2:30 pm.

Although Rep. Franks and many of the bills co-sponsors have discussed this bill with several of our Mayors, Managers and County officials and are well aware of our opposition to this bill, it is important to continue advocating against this legislation- especially since it is now being heard in committee.

New this year, we have the ability to submit “witness slips” on bills being heard in House committees on-line. Before hearing testimony, the committee is read all of the witness slips filed on a bill and I encourage you to file a slip in opposition to this bill via this new on-line communications tool.

The process is easy to use:

1. click on the link below, which directs you to the home page of the Illinois House of Representatives Witness Slips database
2. click on “hearings”
3. select “Revenue and Finance Committee Tuesday October 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm”
4. click “create slip”
5. complete information- in the case of HB3793 click the “opponent” button and “record of appearance only”
6. finally, click “create slip”Witness Slip Website

You can also contact Rep. Gaffney, who represents part of McHenry Co. and serves on the Revenue and Finance Committee. His e-mail address is

Best regards-


Your tax dollars at work.

Not on your behalf, but on the behalf of those who govern you.

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