Walsh Seeks Attorney General’s Ouster

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Rep. Joe Walsh Calls for Holder’s Resignation

Demands Holder take Responsibility for Role in Operation Fast and Furious

WASHINGTON- Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) sent a letter today to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding his resignation for the role he played in the subsequent cover-up of the failed Fast and Furious operation. This operation and his role in it have raised serious doubts about the Attorney General‘s ability to uphold and defend the law and actually complete the job he was appointed to do.

Walsh stated:

“The American people deserve to know the truth regarding Attorney General Eric Holder’s knowledge and role in the Fast and Furious operation. This program was deliberately designed to attack law-abiding American gun-owners and gun-dealers. Why else would an anti-gun Administration force licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to violent criminals?

“Operation Fast and Furious blew up in Attorney General Holder’s face, implicating the United States in the deaths of two federal agents and over a hundred deadly crimes. Now Holder is scrambling to hide his involvement in this failed politically-charged operation by refusing to cooperate with the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s investigation.

“I ask that the Attorney General resign immediately and take responsibility for implicating the United States as an accessory to the violent crimes committed by these Mexican cartels, using his appointed position as the chief law enforcement officer to attack the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and for the role he played in the subsequent cover-up of the failed Fast and Furious operation. If he fails to do so, I would ask that President Obama dismiss him immediately.”


Walsh Seeks Attorney General’s Ouster — 1 Comment

  1. First and Foremost, to the families of our brave men and women who serve as our ‘Boarder Patrol Agents” thank you for your sacrifices.

    Respectfully, I strongly disagree with Congressman Walsh on this issue.

    The ‘Short’ version is that Congressman Walsh has no idea of what is taking place on our boarders from a first had perspective. I can assure you, the ‘entire’ and ‘real’ story is NEVER shown on America’s Nightly News. And it’s not taking place in Cuba, expecially during a ‘planned’ political touring of Cuba.

    The problems we are facing on our boarders, are incomprehensible to most.

    The old saying, “You cannot defend the indefensible” should not and cannot be painted with such a broad stroke of a legislative brush as it relates to “ANY” attempts by our Top Law Enforcement Agencies who may ‘try’ to help fight this escalating drug war.

    To do nothing might assure Congressman Walsh, that no Boarder Agents will ever again lose their lives in defense of our woman and children and most of all, the future of our way of life.

    Again, respectfully Congressman Walsh, it takes much courage Congressman Walsh for “ANY” government official to “TRY” something, “Anything,” to hopefully make some moves to provide some level of relief to our nations security concerns.

    Has anybody noticed the nature of the Violence we are now seeing?

    The Car Bombings, the Beheadings, and on and on I can go with my first hand knowledge of what is going on down in Mexico. The actions strongly are looking more and more like “Middle Eastern” influenced terrorist actions.

    I distinctly recall within the very first hour of my obtaining my clearance to work within the Mexican Dept. of Justice, a high ranking Police Officer came up to me and took me aside privately and stated, “No matter what you see, you keep your mouth shut and you will be just fine. If not, you will be dead as will your family.”

    I respect your right to express your opinion Congressman Walsh and I even respect the fact that you too, are seemingly putting yourself both personally and professionally out on the line for attack by the media and for personal persecution.

    I ask you to please give any and all “Ideas,” flawed as they may turn out to be, “A Chance.”

    If every elected or appointed man or woman within our Federal or State and even local Police Forces are subject to prosecution because they placed forth any “Attempt” for the better of the good, then where will we be in just one short year from now Congressman?

    As a nation, we need officials who are willing to go ‘Outside the Box.” Will they fail in doing so? Could Law Enforcement Lives be lost? Unfortunately, the answer will be yes to both?

    I personally applaud U.S. Attorney Eric Holder for at least making an attempt to ‘try’ something that in a perfect world, “Could” have greatly helped take many, many illegal weapons out of the hands of those wishing only to do us harm.

    Unfortunately, this failed. However, should a ‘failure’ cause us to cease trying over and over again until we get it right?

    So, Congressman Walsh, what would it take to ‘Get it right?” I believe in the following, would you support my ‘idea?’

    I will go so far and state that it is “Necessary” for our President to immediately deploy American Troops to defend our nations boarders.

    I would propose the use of our Military aircraft to push down into Mexico 100 miles to create a Bi-Lateral buffer zone with joint American and Mexican Troops taking full charge of the “Plaza’s that sit on our boarders as ‘staging’ zones for Narco Trafficking.

    I won’t take up any more of Cal’s blog space with my comment.

    However, every American citizen must “Demand” our Nations Security needs are addressed immediately, and that US Military Troops are immediately sent to our southern boarders. That an immediate agreement is drafted, hopefully Bi Laterally, if not, Uni-laterally, that a 100 mile zone be created between Mexico Ports of Entry and the U.S. Ports of Entry. With at least two additional Military manned automobile ‘Check Points’ within the zone stopping each car as it crosses deeper into this zone.

    If this seems harsh, just ask any Mexican what they do to any Guatemalan who is caught illegally crossing into Mexico.

    It is brutal. So I ask, why does the Mexican Government take every chance it gets to show “ANY” and ‘ALL’ U.S. Boarder Patrol Enforcement actions in which a Mexican National may get injured while crossing our sovereign national boarders illegally?

    Why won’t the Mexican Government show American Journalist, what Mexico does to any persons captured crossing its southern boarders illegally?

    I hope you continue your interest in our boarders security Congressman Walsh. Thank you for any help you can lend. I’m certain I speak for most American’s, Can you please present your plan to secure our nations southern boarders if you have one?

    “Checks and Balances” are important Congressman, however, we are at a point where we have seen enough Politician against Politician infighting.

    How about all Politicians start sitting down together and actually ‘Create’ viable solutions to our nations problems.

    Congressman Walsh, What would placing our Attorney General in Jail due to stop the flow of Drugs, Human Trafficking of young girls, and all the other criminal elements that come with unprotected boarders such as what we, the United States of America, face at this very moment in time?

    Keep in mind, “Money is not the greatest commodity. ‘INFORMATION’ is!

    “HUMINT” is our greatest asset Congressman Walsh. The money that your proposal would drain from the U.S. DOJ, could go a long way to invest in “HUMINT” along our unprotected Southern Boarder.

    Thank you.

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