McSweeney’s 3rd Mailing Hits the Streets, about Property Taxes

Real estate tax burdens were the topic of State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney’s third direct mail piece.

Here's the address side of David McSweeney's third mailing. "Enough is Enough."

This is the back of Dave McSweeney's property tax mailing.

The text reads,

It’s a sign of the times…
Property taxes skyrocketing, even as home values go down.
Illinois workers searching for jobs in a poor economy.

Families struggling to make ends meet, hit with a 67% tax hike.

In fact, Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties are all ranked in the top 100 across the nation for
the highest property taxes.

David McSweeney will fight to secure real property tax relief for Illinois’ homeowners.
McSweeney supports plans to freeze property taxes when home values go down and put voters in charge.

As our State Representative, McSweeney will lead the fight to protect homeowners by supporting
HB3793, prohibiting taxing bodies from increasing property tax levies, when property
assessments decrease.


McSweeney’s 3rd Mailing Hits the Streets, about Property Taxes — 1 Comment

  1. Kind of a poor tactical decision here by McSweeney to put out a mail piece supporting a bill sponsored by Gaffney.

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