State Senator Dan Duffy Expresses Outrage at Electric Rate Hike Bill

Dan Duffy telling folks how Springfield works at a Town Hall Meeting at the Prairie Grove Village Hall.

State Senator Dan Duffy’s speech in opposition to the Com Ed/Ameren electric rate increase bill:

Business side of bill:

This “smart grid” technology does not prevent outages from Storms like we experienced in the recent past.

It is not going to stop “Acts of God” but what it will do, in theory, is reroute power quicker.

Even in the new trailer bill – the state is still guaranteeing profits for the power company.

What other company in the state gets such a sweet deal of guaranteed profits?

When I met with representatives from the power company, what I suggested is that there be a 3rd Party Audit of the power company.

We should know – from somebody other than the company or the ICC – that the power companies are OPERATING the most EFFICIENT and COST EFFECTIVE way possible BEFORE we allow them to have another rate increase.

Why allow a rate increase if the company is not operating as EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY as possible?

Nobody has responded to me about my audit request nor has any representative of the company followed up with me about my request.

Regarding the “Ethic’s Side” of this bill:

I have – in the past before this bill was in play – accepted unsolicited donations from ComEd.

But I have a Rhetorical question for everyone:

Who is worse – the Drug User or the Drug Dealer?

Who is worse – legislators who accept unsolicited donations from companies who are pushing specific bills OR the CEO’s who write the big checks in order to gain votes.

When I met with representatives from the power company, every time somebody mentioned how “ethically challenged” we are in this state and how bad our reputation is.

However – this same company has NO problem, when they want a bill to pass the legislature – to pull out their check book and pay out 1.3 Million dollars to legislators since this bill has been introduced. 1.3 Million DOLLARS in donations!

What is the point of this flurry of donations?

Is it just coincidence that all this money has been paid out to legislators SINCE this “smart grid” bill was introduced? Are these “donations” helping or hurting our states reputation? Is this typical “Pay to Play” politics in Illinois?

What about the SPONSOR of this bill. Is it coincidence that his close family member is the LOBBYIST for this bill and will benefit greatly from its passage? Is it right that this bill then in turn moved through the SPONSOR’s committee with lightening speed?

IF this is how business gets done in Illinois NO WONDER so Many companies have said NO THANKS and prefer to do business elsewhere!

I agree with the Governor and fully SUPPORT his veto of this bill.


State Senator Dan Duffy Expresses Outrage at Electric Rate Hike Bill — 5 Comments

  1. Way to go Senator Duffy….

    ComEd sure bought Althoff’s vote…Shame on her.

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