Why Did Jack Franks Flip on the Electric Rate Hike Vote?

Lots of people are cynical about the legislative process.

They should be.

And, I’m the guy whose seatmate, Rep. Tom Johnson, would turn to me when I was particularly outraged and say,

“Cal, your problem is that you think this is on the square.”

So it is from that perspective I write.

There was a saying that some legislators couldn’t be bought, but they could be rented.

Jack Franks was a “No” vote on May 30th for Senate Bill 1652.

But, he announced he was switching to ABC’s Charles Thomas the night before yesterday’s vote and that political reporter thought it important enough to share with the world through his twitter account.

The billboard that did not make Jack Franks' day when he first saw it.

Now, no one would suggest millionaire Jack Franks could be bought.

But, he is a union Democrat.

And, the billboard you see here certainly generated his ire.

You’ll notice that it reports Jack Franks received hundreds of thousands of dollars from “lawyers, labor, and lobbyists.”

International Brotherhood of Electrical Engineers were in the Capitol to encourage legislators to vote for the Com Ed/Ameren rate hike bill.

Maybe some talked to Franks.

Certainly some contributed to his campaign war chest this year.

The State Board of Elections reports $1,000 was donated by three IBEW union locals:

  • $250 IBEW Local 117 – Crystal Lake  2/22/2011
  • $250 IBEW Local 364 – Rockford  9/14/2011
  • $250 IBEW Local 9 – Hillsboro 1/25/11
  • $250 IBEW Local 9 – Hillsboro 9/8/2011


Why Did Jack Franks Flip on the Electric Rate Hike Vote? — 4 Comments

  1. Vote Franks out of office asap.

    Cal – what about Althoff? Business connections or past jobs? ? Union teacher ?

    Oh, heck, vote her out too.

    These people don’t live in the real world. Term limits might help.

  2. I sure hope the voters have a good memory when they go into the voting booth next time.

    The people have awakened, and will not be duped any more.


  3. Cal, don’t just make political hay here! You stumbled on this one with numbers and enuendo.

    HOWEVER, people need to use their heads and vote independent of party. Vote the FACTS and CANDIDATE history. Past behavior is a predicter of future behavior.

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