Marengo Settlers Day Parade – More County Board Politicians & Other Entries – Part 1

It’s too bad that it takes so long to post photos.  I still haven’t finished the Marengo Settlers Day Parade from a couple of weeks ago.

When we stopped looking at what entries offered on that beautiful day in Marengo, the first of the county officials and candidates had passed.   The last entry we saw was the Harvard Milk Day Court.

The bowling ball runs toward the pin.

Before the county board members/candidates after Mary McCann came by, there was a fascinating demonstration that took me a bit of time to figure out.

The bowling ball hits the pin.

When I finally did, with the help of the sign on the side of a truck that said, “GloBowl Fun Center,” it turned out to be a y0uth pretending to be a bowling ball throwing himself against a larger person dressed up as a bowling pin and knocking him down.

The bowling ball knocks over the pin.

I found the physical humor fun to watch.  (You can guess I liked the Three Stooges, right?)

Martial arts schools must recruit at parades. Here we see Hidden Path Arts students demonstrating skills.

Obviously, I enjoy the simple pleasures.

The Red Hat Sassy Lassies tossed beads in Marengo.

The Red Hat Sassy Lassies were next.  They were riding on hay bales tossing beads to parade spectators.

McHenry County Board members Diane Evertsen and Ersel Schuster shared a pickup truck. The big umbrella strikes me as a really good idea.

And, then, there were two more McHenry County Board candidates–Diane Evertsen and Ersel Schuster.

Ersel Schuster was on my side of the street, while Diane Evertsen was on the other.

Both were riding in the back of a pickup truck.  I didn’t notice it at the time, but a web site called District 6 Online was being advertised.  It seems to be dedicated to an interface between the two County Board members and their constituents.

Diane Evertsen supporters wearing tee shirts walked behind the pickup.

Next came Crystal Lake High School Prairie Ridge High School band.

Crystal Lake Prairie Ridge High School Band turned the corner smartly.

I saw a man taking a video of the performance. Afterward I asked him why there were so many bands in Marengo. I learned that there was band contest at Marengo High School. That’s what drew the bands, which certainly made the parade quite enjoyable.

Sitting on hay bales just like the Red Hat Sassy Ladies were members of Marengo High Schools Future Farmers of America club.

The Future Farmers of America float was next.

The members of FFA were wearing tee shirts with this message: "Farming. It's tough.It's dirty. It's tiresome. Today's Hard Work, Tomorrow's Success

The next tractor-pulled hay wagon was sponsored by the Marengo Society for Historical Preservation’s float promoted its web site–

The theme of the float of the Marengo Society for Historical Preservation was a celebration of the fall harvest.

Ronald McDonald came atop a big clown’s shoe after the Historical Society.

Clearly the most famous character waving at people was Ronald McDonald. But could he win election in McHenry County?

Next was the Marengo School of Dance.

Marengo School of Dance students paraded.

Just as martial arts academies, its students strutted their stuff.

The shade played havoc with some of my parade photos, this one about the Otis Sports Center included.

There was a hay wagon next promoting the Otis Sports Center.  I admit to being ignorant about it.

More tomorrow.


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  1. It looks like Grafton’s own “Lawsuit Linda” hanging out the back of Evertsen’s pick-up truck. Is Linda running for McH County Board?

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