Grafton Township Supervisor Offers Chance for Internet Input on Next Year’s Tax Bill

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:

Residents of Grafton Township now have the ability to show the members of the township board how they would cast their vote regarding the township tax levies for the Township and Road District. By visiting the township website, residents can vote on whether they want to see the board increase the levies, decrease the levies, or levy for a zero change in the levy.

The place on the page to register your opinion looks like this.

“As the Township Supervisor, I will use this poll to determine how I will vote when this matter comes before the board. I hope the rest of the board will also consider the public’s response when they determine their vote sometime in December. The question that is being posed is as follows:

If you were on the Grafton Township Board, how would you vote regarding the Levy? (A Levy is the use of government authority to impose or collect a tax.)

  1. I would increase the levy.
  2. I would decrease the levy.
  3. I would make no change to the levy.

The website has had more than 15,000 hits to date. It includes township financial information, press releases, upcoming township events, meeting video and audio recordings, food pantry hours, financial assistance information and downloadable forms, a sign-up form to receive emails from the township, etc. Please visit here and vote on the

  • increase or
  • decrease

of township taxes.


Grafton Township Supervisor Offers Chance for Internet Input on Next Year’s Tax Bill — 10 Comments

  1. Lawsuit Linda says she will listen to Grafton taxpayers is too funny.

    Taxpayers directed Linda to hold off payment to the road district earlier this year.

    Did Linda listen? NOPE.

    She attempted to push her agenda through at the risk of bankrupting the township.

    Lawsuit Linda only listens to the voices in her head. After blowing taxpayer money on lawsuit after lawsuit,

    Linda is attempting to change her image pre-election. Nice try Linda.

    Grafton taxpayers have seen the financial havoc you have created.

  2. Too bad more elected officials don’t try to listen to their constituents.

  3. Most elected officials promise you the world, but once they are in office they try to steal every dime you have left. Oh you have $20 left from you paycheck? We need that…you feeding your family is not as important as my new BMW anyways!

  4. It sure sounds like the first post is by someone who has a grudge but no facts, probably someone who wants a new building for the township.

  5. 777 – Nope, I don’t want a new twp. building. I’m disgusted with how Lawsuit Linda has spent my tax dollars since she was elected. I’m now disgusted with how Linda and Cal are “re-branding” her image. Linda’s legacy speaks to her character. Check into Lawsuit Linda’s lifetime of antics, then let me know if you would vote for her to become a member of the McH County Board.

  6. One question about an online poll. Is it professional to do this? Can you gaurantee that people aren’t voting on the poll over and over again to make sure the outcome is what they want?

  7. The question isn’t whether we should raise or lower the levies. The question is what should we be spending our tax dollars on?

    If you ask me if I want to spend more or less, I will always say less.

    If you ask me if I want to pay for more legal fees for the township bickering – NO.

    If you ask me if I want to pay to fix the pot hole in the road – yes.

    You can skew the results just by how you word the question.
    Your poll question is a terrible one to get any real data.

    Stop playing politician, and start asking yourself the hard questions…

    Get in a room with the other adults and work it out – without hiring an attorney everytime people disagree. This is America and we are allowed to disagree, but majority wins. If you don’t like it, you can come up with a better case and present it to the adults so they see your views.

    Leave the court room, and have a meeting or two – then you won’t need to raise levies. You will have all of the attorney money you can spend instead of paying them for childish disputes where the only one that really wins, is the attorneys income statement.

    Just my opinion – but I doubt I am wrong.

  8. 777 – Sounds like you live like an ostrich, with your head in the sand.

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