District 47 Tells of Hannah Beardsley Accident

Here’s what is on the Hannah Beardsley Middle School web site:

Attention! – Dear District 47 Families:

Earlier today, November 2, 2011, a District 47 middle school student was struck by an automobile as she was attempting to cross a community street on her way to school.

The student was airlifted to Lutheran General Hospital and is receiving the very best treatment for the injuries she sustained in the accident.

We are unbelievably grateful to the police and medical professionals in our Crystal Lake community for the promptness in their response and handling of this unbelievably unfortunate incident.

District staff has and will remain in contact with the child’s family as we monitor her condition.

We have provided additional social services support at the aforementioned student’s school if needed by students or staff members during this very difficult time.

As the Superintendent of School District 47, I am respectfully requesting that all of you have discussions with your children regarding the importance of awareness and safety while walking to and from school.

Your support is appreciated.


Donn P. Mendoza, Ed.D.

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