Tribune Promos Joe Walsh’s Divorce Court Hearing Tuesday

This promotion of Joe Walsh's child support hearing means that every media outlet in Chicago will be at tomorrow's court hearing.

If you were a suburban Republican, how would you like to have a Cook County Judge helping decide your political future?

That’s the situation that Congressman Joe Walsh is in.

And, considering that the Chicago Tribune is promoting his child support hearing as the number one thing happening tomorrow, Walsh can expect a full-court press.

Walsh’s court hearing is even more important than everything happening in the General Assembly’s Springfield Veto (or maybe Veto Override) Session.


Tribune Promos Joe Walsh’s Divorce Court Hearing Tuesday — 1 Comment

  1. Right… because if the Trib hadn’t mentioned it, none of the rest of the media would know that the dead-beat dad/Congressman has another child-support hearing.

    **rolls eyes**

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