Walsh Comments on Bank Comment Reaction

"You've got to be consistent...Government screwed this up."

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh has arrived. It is Walsh’s side of a video snippet from an interchange between Walsh and a constituent. I first saw the story on Illinois Review yesterday and have received two or three emails containing the same video. If memory serves me correctly, most came from sources on the left side of the political spectrum.

Rep. Joe Walsh Releases Statement on Exchange at ‘Cup of Joe’

FOX LAKE – Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) released the following statement regarding the recent exchange with a constituent at a local ‘Cup of Joe with Joe.’

Walsh stated: “As my constituents know, I am a very passionate person.

“I am passionate about our freedom, fighting for taxpayers, and standing up against big government.

“Constituents with opposing views have every right to argue with me, and I have every right to argue passionately for my conservative values.

“That¹s what freedom is all about.

“This debate is important and the fact that two people can discuss their differing opinions is what makes this country special.

“I have hosted a ‘Cup of Joe with Joe’ event every single weekend since I have been in office.

“I show up at coffee houses in the district and anyone can meet with me to discuss any issue.

“These are fun, engaging sessions, and I often meet with people who disagree with me and the conversation can become spirited.

“The woman I most recently had a heated discussion with was great and she appreciated how open these events are.

“I apologized to her for getting a bit too passionate to which she smiled and did not mind at all.

“Regarding the substance of which I was referring – I have never been a ‘pal of big banks’ and I would have voted against the bank bailout in 2009.

“If banks abuse their charters, they should be prosecuted.

“But banks are not all to blame for this mess – government policy that advocated for every American to become a homeowner is at fault for this disaster.

“To allow and encourage Freddie and Fannie to approve loans to people with no credit history and no money down was a disaster waiting to happen.

“Despite some Republicans attempts to enact reform, Democrats, like Barney Frank, killed any attempt at reform.

“The banks followed the rules set forth by the government, and further meddling by the government will only exasperate the problem.

“I have held over 80 town hall meetings and ‘Cup of Joe with Joe’ events since taking office.

“I hold these because I welcome this open discussion and will continue to keep this direct line of contact with those who I proudly represent.”


Walsh Comments on Bank Comment Reaction — 5 Comments

  1. How much of the financial crisis was caused by people walking away from the mortgage on their condo because they want a bigger place for the new family? I can think of at least one time that was the case.

  2. Joe? That’s not a crises.

    That’s moral ineptitude.

    You can find that everywhere about anything under the sun.

    Please, pay attention.

    Crises was CAUSED by government.

  3. yeah, Now he says he would of been against the bank bailout. Thats easy to say when its already over. We know what you would of said in 2008

  4. I love that he says he’s “no pal of the big banks” but the banking industry contributed over $130,000 in campaign contributions to him and over $18,000 from banking industry employees.

  5. @Grafton:: I guess banking friends get more money in their warchest. The damned pot needs to meet the kettle some day soon.

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