Walsh Video Outburst Makes Channel 7

A video taken by Round Lake Beach District116.orgblogger Gene Carey of Round Lake Beach last weekend in Gurnee’s Uno Chicago Bar & Grill made not only ABC News in Chicago, but also MSNBC and Fox News.

Congressman Joe Walsh replied to a question about banks from postal worker Melissa Rakestraw in a more spirited manner than he wished he had used, accoridng to his interview on Chicago's ABC News.

The clip used featured a short part of one of Congressman Joe Walsh’s small group meetings in coffee shops, bars and other local gathering places. In Crystal Lake he has held them at Country Donuts and Walker’s Pancake House.

These typically last about an hour and can get heated.

In the instance featured, Walsh was talking to postal worker Melissa Rakestraw, who admitted not voting for Walsh in 2010.

Chicago Tribune web site treatment of the story,.

Having attended the two Crystal Lake events, I can tell you that Walsh relishes defending his conservative positions.

And I never saw him lose his cool, as one headline put it.

The postal worker wanted to know Walsh’s position about saving jobs in the Postal System.

Walsh did not give her the answer she was seeking.


Walsh Video Outburst Makes Channel 7 — 4 Comments

  1. Walsh has always supported doing what he could to damage as much as society and to put as much money in the hands of as few people as possible.

  2. He had an empty stomach you know…that’s why he lost his cool. *rolls eyes*

  3. Zach Cordane, since you have such animus against Walsh, why don’t you get off your big fat lazy liberal butt out of your armchair, and circulate some petitions to run against him.

    You DO live in his district, don’t you?

  4. Whoever got him his additional caffeine kicker should poured the entire damned pot over his head!!

    The guy gets paid with taxpayer dollars — the very people he was yelling at.

    He may have been elected with special interest group dollars, but his compensation package (paycheck, benefits and super lucrative retirement perks) are taxpayer funded. Time to draw the curtains on his “career”; let him earn child support money another way.

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