Another Illinois Democrats Wants to Raise Taxes

Dick Durbin's proposal makes the front page of Sunday's Chicago Sun-Times.

No surprise there.

Illinois Democrats hiked the state income tax 67% in a lame duck session.

This time it is U.S. Senator Dick Durbin.

He wants to impose sales taxes on internet purchases.


Another Illinois Democrats Wants to Raise Taxes — 2 Comments

  1. OK, here’s my question. Why shouldn’t there be taxes on internet purchases?

    Do you really think that purchasers ‘fess up and pay the Use Tax on thier full amount of untaxed internet purchases? And, even if they do, the State gets its share, but the municipalities don’t.

    Nobody wants to see benefits cut, but nobody wants to pay more in taxes. You can’t have both. Massive debt will never get paid down without a tax increase.

    Cut out the pork and the fat. Cut out the frivolous. Cut out the Legislative scholarships (on a state level).

  2. I typically agree with your thoughts Gus, but you hit a nerve with your statement above.

    While I agree that internet purchases should be taxed, I disagree with your statement that you can’t have both lower taxes and sufficient benefits.

    If it were not for so many unnecessary layers of government and exuberant pay/benefits then we could have lower taxes and not cut any benefits. Your statement is why people are getting fed up with our politicians and we need to ensure that ideology is NOT part of our political system. We, the taxpayers, must live within our means and we expect that from our government.

    If a politician does not get reelected (in essence, fired) why are they entitled to benefits?

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