Walsh Opens Woodstock Office

Next to the Woodstock Opera House is Stage Door Left. Directly across the Woodstock Square is Congressman Joe Walsh's new McHenry County Office.

Congressman Joe Walsh opened a Woodstock office right on the Square Monday morning.

Joe Walsh's new Woodstock office is in the Galleria. As you walk in, what direction do you think you have to turn? If you guessed, "Right," you were, well, right.

This is a government office, as opposed to the campaign office he opened in Downtown Crystal Lake the weekend before last.

Three men were on the sidewalk in front of Joe Walsh's office with homemade picket signs. I finally got them to stand so I could read all three. Here are the messages: "Vote No to Screaming Joe," "Let's Fire Joe Walsh," and "Joe Walsh is a national embarrassment."

As I approached the new digs, I saw people carrying picket signs.

White hair was all of her head that this woman holding a sign critical of Joe Walsh was willing to show. Her sign says, "Joe says I do not care about the loss of public sector jobs. Police...Firefighters...Teachers...Postal workers. Veterans say No to Joe." Of course, the only public workers on the woman's list who are paid by the Federal government are postal workers and email is decimating the purpose for which the Post Office was created.

Covering Joe Walsh, one always has photo opportunities.

But, phooey.  When I got inside, I discovered that my flash was jammed.

Rich and Monica Young chat at the Woodstock Joe Walsh office opening.

The Congressman was there, but the light was so poor and he moves so fast, I couldn’t get anything bu fuzzy photos.

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