Roskam Draws Female Barrington Hills Opponent

Click to enlarge this evidence that Leslie Coolidge is a Democrat.

Although there is not web site I could find for Leslie Coolidge’s 6th District congressional campaign, she has filed her intentions to run as a Democrat with the Federal Elections Commission in the 5th congressional district.

That would mean she intends to challenge incumbent Republican Congressman Peter Roskam.

She found Wheaton Patch and you can read what appears to be her press release there.

Interestingly, the article (presumably her press release) does not mention she is running as a Democrat.

Her campaign treasurer is from Rhode Island.

Perhaps she will figure out that 100,000 of her potential constituents live in McHenry County.


Roskam Draws Female Barrington Hills Opponent — 3 Comments

  1. Leslie is one of those names that could be male or female.

    Remember Leslie Nielsen from those crazy “Airplane” movies?

    Is there a place on the application to denote sex?

    Maybe it doesn’t make any difference if this person is running as a Democrat.

  2. Leslie Coolidge mailed out a 2 page double sided glossy flyer.

    For whatever reason, the flyer doesn’t state she is running in the 6th.

    Endorsed by IL AFL-CIO, IFT, IL State Assoc of Letter Carriers, and Citizen Action Illinois.


    Not even a hint about reducing the deficit or reducing spending.

    Four Highlighted issues included:

    1. Invest in roads, bridges, and schools.
    2. Invest in solar, bio-fuels, and wind power.
    3. Stop the assault on women’s health and reproductive rights.
    4. Believes social security is fundamentally sound.

    Restated: Spend, spend, no restrictions on abortions, don’t change social security.

    Appears to be a pleasant person.

    If you are pro union, pro borrowing more money, pro-abortion, and believe social security is fundamentally sound, she is your person.

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