Monument Ads – Wedding Invitations

The “Will you marry me?” question could be shared with thousands of motorists on Crystal Lake’s Virginia Street Tax Increment Financing District monument.

If men arrange to ask their fiancés to marry them on billboards and electronic signs in baseball parks, why not with an ad on Route 14’s TIF District monuments?

And, it could help pay for the four $16,000 stone pillars.


Monument Ads – Wedding Invitations — 3 Comments

  1. 1. Tacky continues.

    2. “Marry me?” used to be sorta romantic and clever when originally done in the sky, on a show, at a local play, etc. Now, it’s just annoying. Get a room – as the the kids used to say. The rest of the world probably doesn’t give a flying fig whether the question is asked, who the people involved are, or what the answer will be. Many think it’s faked for attention. (Yes, I know this was just a suggestion.)

    The so-called monuments current look like monument to old, dirty, and useless. The reminder of what they cost and what that money could have gone for to actually serve a purpose is not one appreciated in today’s economy – if it was ever appreciated in any economy.

    Just sayin’

  2. Cal, you’ve made your point… several times over. The city has paid for these things and they’re not going to tear them down. Enough already — talk about the useless TIF all you want, but we don’t need any more pictures of the tombstones.

  3. Per the 10:09 post about “tombstones”

    Yes, now that you mention it – tombstones from an 1800s time period.

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