Jewel Back in the Milk Business

A gallon bottle of the new Jewel brand milk.

It was 1985 when Chicago television news was blanketed with horror stories about Jewel brand milk.

Salmonella was the problem.

Over 5,000 cases in Illinois.

Nine deaths as of April 16, 1985, according to the New York Times.

The problem popped up on April 1st, but Jewel was slow to reaction.’

Eventually, the food store company started advertising that it’s dairy had been closed and Dean Milk would be stocked thereafter.

Lots of lawsuits, of course.

I guess enough time has passed that the new owners of Jewel are ready to step back into the store brand milk business.

You see the cheapest gallon of milk I could find the last time I shopped for it at Jewel above.


Jewel Back in the Milk Business — 2 Comments

  1. No wonder that it’s cheaper, there’s about a pint missing………..

  2. McHenry started carrying Jewel brand in place of Fieldcrest at least a year ago.

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