Congressional Vehicles: Yes, No, No and No

Don Manzullo

Peter Roskam

Randy Hultgren

The one who leases a vehicle at government expense is Congressman Don Manzullo.  His cost $619.99 a month.

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When this was first published, I used the figure from the House Clerk, $1,238.38, above.

Monday, Nov. 8th, the following correction am from Manzullo spokesman Rich Carter:

There was an error in the calculation of the vehicle cost listed in the St. Louis news report you shared on your blog.

The House finance office made a double payment in April.

The actual monthly cost for the vehicle lease is actually $619.99, and it is a vehicle the staff uses (Ford Escape Hybrid) to travel across the district in lieu of paying staff the mileage rate of 50 cents a mile. The payment for the vehicle comes out of the Congressman’s overall office account.

He has turned back more than $1.5 million to taxpayers during his tenure in Congress in money he was allocated to spend.

One of the reasons he is able to turn back money every year is because he doesn’t use the mass mail frank.

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Joe Walsh

The two that don’t have taxpayers coughing up money are freshmen Randy Hultgren and Joe Walsh.

The page containing Peter Roskam’s name was missing from what KSDK posted was Peter Roskam.

Roskam’s office said he did not have a government-leased vehicle.

Manzullo’s district is the largest geographically.

The television station’s story, which concentrates on its viewing area, is here.


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