First Day Sees 25 Candidates File for 24 County Board Spots – Democrats Waiting

With the exception of any Democrats, most of those wanting to serve on the McHenry County Board filed petitions in the County Clerk’s Office today.

An asterisk in front of a name means they filed at 8 AM when the office opened and will take part in a lottery to determine the order on the ballot.

Four will be elected from each district.

Benefits include power, prestige, about $20,000 a year in salary with no attendance requirements, plus health and pension benefits that can be worth up to about $20,000.

Filing ends at 4:30 next Monday.

Republicans in District 1 follow:

  • *Yvonne M. Barnes, Cary
  • *Anna May Miller, Cary
  • Robert “Bob” Bless, Fox River Grove

The 2012-2020 County Board map.

In District 2, the following will be on the ballot, pending any challenges:

  • *James L. Heisler, Crystal Lake
  • *Carolyn Schofield, Crystal Lake
  • Kenneth (Ken) D. Koehler, Crystal Lake

The lively District 3 contest features

  • *Mary R. Alger, Crystal Lake
  • *Mary L. Donner, Crystal Lake
  • *Joseph (Joe) Gottemoller, Crystal Lake
  • *Mary McClellan, Holiday Hills
  • *Linda (Lyn) Orphal, Crystal Lake
  • *Nick Provenzano, McHenry

District 4 aspirants follow:

  • *John D. Hammerand, Wonder Lake
  • *Sandra Fay Salgado, McHenry
  • *Edward Varga, Richmond
  • Robert “Bob” M Martens, Sr, Spring Grove

District 5 contestants in the GOP primary so far are

  • John P. Jung, Jr., Woodstock
  • Tina R. Hill, Woodstock

In District 6, the following have submitted petitions:

  • *Diane F. Evertsen, Harvard
  • *Shawn Green, Union
  • *David LaGue, Marengo
  • *Mary T. McCann, Woodstock
  • *Ersel C. Schuster, Woodstock
  • *Rachel Elizabeth Smith, Wonder Lake, IL 60097
  • Michele R. Aavang, Woodstock

Republican incumbents not filing yet are

  • Marc Munaretto of Algonquin,
  • Robert Nowak of Cary, Donna Kurtz of Crystal Lake,
  • Pete Merkel of McHenry,
  • Barb Wheeler of Crystal Lake, who is running for State Representative,
  • Sue Draffkorn of Wonder Lake and
  • Virginia Peschke of Bull Valley.

Neither Democratic Party incumbents Kathy Bergan Schmidt or Paul Yensen submitted petitions.

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Candidates are invited to share their backgrounds, reasons for running, platforms, etc., on McHenry County Blog.  The email address is to the left.

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