Newt Gingrich Volunteer Effort Surfaces

Mike Shorten

Nunda Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Mike Shorten has sent out an email indicating he wants to form a local Newt Gingrich for President organization.

With Gingrich’s only local appearance having been a house part in the Barrington area and his staff having resigned earlier in the campaign, the odds are pretty good that there are virtually no paid troops on the ground in the Illinois.

Delegates have to file their petitions from January

Shorten’s email follows:

Good Afternoon,

The 2012 Presidential primaries are quickly approaching and Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has emerged as one of the front runners to be the Republican Candidate for President in next November’s General Election.

The effort to help Newt win the Primary in Illinois next March will be a grassroots effort, and the efforts to assemble the organization are beginning now.  The statewide effort will be managed geographically based on the new US Congressional map boundaries.

A meeting is being planned for Wednesday November 30th, 2011 to discuss immediate goals and to form the volunteer base that will be assisting the campaign in the new 14th Congressional District.  Given the size of the district the meeting will be hosted virtually.  A ‘live’ meeting space is being sought; if you have an office or meeting space with Wi-Fi access that you would like to offer, please contact me directly.

Details of the virtual and live meeting are going to be released shortly- to make sure that you receive them I’d ask that you complete the registration form on the attached link.

Please CLICK HERE to Pre-Register.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


Mike Shorten
Crystal Lake, IL

His phone number is 847-274-8336.


Newt Gingrich Volunteer Effort Surfaces — 3 Comments

  1. Mr.Shorten,I am in Texas,but so very very much appreciate your efforts on behalf of Newt.

    I agree it is Newt we need come election day.

    I can’t be there but I’ll be praying for your efforts and the results as well!

    God bless you.

    God speed!

    Brenda Duke

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