Duffy Votes Against Sears Bailout, Calls for Repeal of 67% Income Tax Hike + Senate Roll Call

State Senator Dan Duffy emails that he voted against the bill to bailout Sears and sends the following explanation:

The BAIL OUT bill Passed in the Senate.

The bill gives Sears and CME a special tax break, along with creating a special Tax Tribunal (more government) and expands tax credits to ex-felons to help them obtain “better jobs”.

The bill is a compilation of too much – for too few – and picks “winners and losers” for the special people who can afford big time lobbyists…

I voted NO.

To keep ALL jobs here in Illinois – the SOLUTION is to REPEAL the 67% tax increase for everyone – not just give breaks to the big boys while small businesses, which create 80% of the jobs in Illinois, get NOTHING but the opportunity to pay the bill Sears, CME and others don’t want to pay.

Today Sears and CME…tomorrow the others will come to get theirs.

Repeal the largest tax increase in Illinois and have EVERYONE follow the same laws.

We must stop creating one set of laws for some – and another for the politically connected.

I found the roll call on the bill: House Bill 1883. The bill passed 36-18-11.  Who voted how appears below:

One Senator representing McHenry County, Pam Althoff, voted "yes",while the other, Dan Duffy., voted "No"

Republicans supporting the bill were

  • Althoff
  • Bivins
  • Bomke
  • Brady
  • Dillard
  • Murphy
  • Radogno

One might note that four of the GOP “Yes” votes were from people who have run for statewide office. The CME folks are capable of making significant campaign contributions.
= = = = =
Later Tuesday afternoon, the Illinois House cast 99 votes against the proposal. 8 voted “Yes;” 6 “Present.”

All local representatives voted against the measure.


Duffy Votes Against Sears Bailout, Calls for Repeal of 67% Income Tax Hike + Senate Roll Call — 2 Comments

  1. No Vote John Cullerton. What’s that all about.

    It seems as if every large business expansion or retention is accompanied with tax breaks and TIFs, which shifts the tax burden to the remaining taxpayers.

    I don’t see any end in sight. Illinois politicians keep digging a bigger hole for the average taxpayer.

  2. I’m glad this failed the House, but I’m sure this will pass after a few palms get greased.

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