Monday Last Day to Become Party Building Block

In McHenry County, 4:30 is the last time people can file for Republican or Democratic Party Precinct Committeemen.

These positions take but ten signatures, but last minute filers, even those who have not considered filing before, can put together such a small number of signatures, get them notarized and to the McHenry County Clerk’s Office in the Administrative Building north of the Jail by 4:30…if they want to.

If you can’t find the needed paperwork (petition, statement of candidacy and loyalty oath, which is not essential, the requirement for the filing of which has been held unconstitutional) on the County Clerk’s website, call 815-334-4242 and ask for guidance.   An additional fair campaign practices pledge will be offered to you, if you file, but I have never signed one and you don’t have to either.  It was something the political correctness folks in the General Assembly dreamed up.  There are also precinct maps online for each township.  (Enlarge this page enough and you can see the precinct lines in any township.)

Will some of the people who lined Route 14 in Cary on April 15, 2009, run for Republican Precinct Committeeman?

I have heard that Tea Party activists who have heretofore left the Republican Party to its own devices have decided to join the game this year.

Not a lot, but some.

As of noon Friday, only 44 GOP committeeman candidates had filed. The posts are apparently so undesirable that so far no contest exists.

Since there are over 200 precincts and only 44 had a candidate by mid-day Friday, almost every precinct is a possibility.

If someone has not filed by Friday, I’d say the position is fair game for anyone.

So, take a look at the 44 who have filed here.

Still, I would expect a fair number of last minute filings for the Democratic Party positions, as well as additional County Board filings.

There will definitely more GOP County Board candidates in at least Districts 2 and 6.

Democrats had 18 file as of noon Friday.


Monday Last Day to Become Party Building Block — 3 Comments

  1. Word on the street says Chad Koppie is not going to file in 33rd senate district today, and will back Cliff Surges.

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