Koppie Endorses Surges for State Senate in 33rd

A press release from Chad Koppie that arrived last night:

Koppie endorses Surges in 33rd

(Gilberts)- December 5, 2011 Tonight, Kane County Regional School Board member Chad Koppie, a farmer and retired airline pilot, endorsed fellow Republican Cliff Surges (R-Gilberts) for the newly created 33rd Senate District. Koppie had announced his candidacy for the seat previously but decided to back Surges.

“Cliff is a strong conservative and a person who brings a lot of business and community volunteer experience to the table,” Koppie said.

“His main opponent, Karen McConnaughay, has a record at the county as a big spender, one who gives large pay raises to favored employees, and has not treated our tax dollars conservatively,” Koppie concluded.

State Senate candidate Cliff Surges shakes Chad Koppie's hand as Koppie withdraws his candidacy and endorses him.

Surges warmly accepted the support, praising Koppie for his four decades of community service which included stints on the Dundee District 300 School Board and the Rutland Township Board until his election to the Kane Regional School Board in 2007.

Surges said, “Springfield is broke, literally and figuratively.

“We can send another career politician down there, but how would that get us any different results?…

“I am not a politician, but rather a small business owner. I am a man of faith. I am a conservative. Please join me in sending a loud and strong signal that Enough is Enough in Springfield,” Surges concluded.


Koppie Endorses Surges for State Senate in 33rd — 3 Comments

  1. In my opinion a very large cost to the Illinois tax payer are the Regional Superintendent of schools positions.

    The positions are largely political and do little else than making sure bus drivers have the proper certificates.

    They pay big six figure salaries with even bigger pensions and usually include huge support staff with large costs.

    Cook County did away with the position several years ago and the Governer has refused to continue to pay for them from Springfield.

    So to listen to any ROE talk about unnessasary spending is really the “Pot calling the kettle black”..


  2. Chad deserves applause from the conservative movement.

    Refusing to be a spoiler candidate like Danielle Rowe or Craig Powers, Koppie set aside his own ambitions for the good of the conservative cause.

  3. The ROE’s of Illinois have tried to stop Homeschooling options for years. The right to Homeschool children is a fundemental of the Conservative movement.

    They came very close last year because they were trying to justify their huge salaries and perks and the huge pension for doing nothing.Holding on for dear life to all that money.

    We need to watch how people “do” not just what people “say”.

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