Lake County Illinois Federation of Teachers Leader Pens “Dear Anti-Tax Zealot” — 10 Comments

  1. IMRF receives no state funding; it is not part of the $85 billion owed the five state systems.

  2. Argument no. 1 against tenure.

    People like this feed off the public trough.

    This should see the light of day everywhere so people know the vile rantings of true union thugs.

    Signed: A private sector employee who pays taxes, not profits from them.

  3. Ah, the typical arrogance of a public employee union thug.

    Calling us “teabaggers” and “mouth-foaming” “anti-tax zealots” isn’t going to be conducive to a PEACEFUL discussion of our differences of opinion.

    Mikey seems to share the mental disease that all public employee union presidents do – that OUR money is THEIR money; that we exist for the sole purpose of being “milked” to support their extravagant lifestyles and early-retirement pensions.

    Let me set you straight.

    Your job, MIKEY, is to TEACH OUR CHILDREN. That’s all. You are OUR EMPLOYEE, not our master. YOU WORK FOR US! Not the other way around. And if you don’t like it, you are free to find another career, one that doesn’t involved access to our children.

    Or access to taxpayer money.

    There’s a revolt coming Mikey. It’s started in other states, such as Florida. You and your union will be on the losing side. You won’t like the outcome, but your attitude (so typical of Big Labor) makes it inevitable.

    And we outnumber you.

  4. Given the attitude in the spiel – I don’t care if this individual ever gets a paycheck or benefits again.

    I would also like to see him out of anything that has to do with education.

  5. This is what passes for a President of a Teacher’s Association?

    He is so very educated he uses the poopiehead argument, hyperbolizes and then lies…. I wish I could say I’m surprised but everywhere the public unions raise their heads this sort of ugliness follows.

    It is time to ban the collusion of public unions with government to disenfranchise the taxpayer from participating in any negotiation they have together.

    Thank you for making the argument so clear Mr. McGue.

    You leave little doubt there is no middle ground left to negotiate in good faith with you or anyone like you.

    We are left with removing your kind of influence from our schools and government.

  6. My repsonse:

    Dear Anti-Taxpayer Democratic Activist Mike McGue,

    Teachers deserve a fair wage and the Zion-Benton District 126 offer of 10% over the next three years is a generous offer given the current financial difficulties of Lake County, the State of Illinois and our entire country. This offer is extremely generous with the fact that the district pays the entire 10.3753% into the Teacher Retirement System on top of the salary.

    A few facts that may help you understand the true financial problems facing the families and businesses of District 126:

    • Property taxes in Lake County are the highest in the Midwest 1
    • Property taxes in Lake County are the 16th highest in the country 2
    • Illinois unemployment rate has risen from 9.0% to 10% since the Legislature passed the 66% tax increase on individuals and 45% on corporations 3
    • 1 in 158 homes in Zion received foreclosure notices in October 5
    • 1 in 271 homes in Lake County received foreclosure notices in October 6

    Businesses and families are leaving Lake County and the State of Illinois. Yet we have people like you, Mr. McGue, calling people names and making personal attacks. You are even using your position as LCFT President and your relationship with the Benton Teacher Union President, your wife Corrine, to bully and intimidate the District 126 community.

    I am running for State Senate to promote the change of public policy to help families and businesses instead of the politics of personal destruction that people like you use. Families and businesses are losing their jobs and homes. They cannot afford to keep cutting back because school boards are bullied into a contact that rewards the teachers at the top end of the pay scale while harming those at the bottom.

    I would like to suggest a solution to help the teachers at the bottom of the pay scale. Have the teachers at the top end of the pay scale like your wife whose compensation was over $92,0004 last year get smaller raises over the next 3 years. Use the additional monies to share with those younger, struggling teachers making under $40,000 so they can get more than 10% over the next 3 years. This will help those teachers pay their college loans.


    Lennie Jarratt
    Republican Candidate, 31st State Senate District
    Pro-Taxpayer, Pro-Family, Pro-Education, Pro-Business Zealot


  7. Truth hurts Jim…the baggers opened the can of worms…and now will be on the defense from now til November when the populace prevails again.

  8. LCTRUTH: “Truth hurts Jim…the baggers opened the can of worms…and now will be on the defense from now til November when the populace prevails again.”

    Oh? Interesting comment. Mind if I butt in?

    What “can of worms” was opened? Was it the series of articles about how union pensions are bankrupting the state (and most other states)? Was it the movement in a number of states to pry the public employee union’s hands off our wallets by limiting “collective bargaining”?

    Was it the increasing howl of taxpayers getting angry at featherbedding Chicago Teacher Union employees gaming the system to be awarded life-time pensions (of $2 million or more) for *1* day’s work?

    Was horrible behavior by union teachers in Wisconsin, including the issuance of death threats, vandalism, threats of violence, and the trashing of the Wisconsin state capital?

    I’m confused. Which can of worms are you referring to?

    It seems to me that no amount of union insults can justify the position of the union. The fact is, despite your bluster to the contrary, teachers unions are losing/have lost support. In a time of economic hardship, where people are losing their homes, where home values drop, we have Mr. McGue not sharing our pain, but going out of his way to make that pain worse.

    Mr. McGue made a huge mistake by aggressively insulting the taxpayers. You are not helping him. In fact, your gratuitous “bagger” insult will not endear you to most people. Incivility and insults is what you leftist’s do all the time, and it’s wearing thin. As you’ll see next November. That’s when the real majority will push you progressives of power for decades to come.

  9. The problem here is contempt for the taxpayers whose money is sucked into Union coffers.

    At issue is who gets to decide how tax money is spent – the unions or the elected representatives?

    And apparently no teacher who disagrees is welcome in the Union.

    “We own you teacher! Get in line or else!”

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