French Judges Convict Ex-Pres Over Prosecutors’ Objections

The story I heard can be read online.

While reflecting on the little I know of what McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi said in his deposition in the Kieth Nygren Special Prosecutor request case brought by Zane Seipler before Judge Thomas Meyer, I heard a story on BBC World News that caught my attention.

It told of how former President Jacques Chirac had been convicted of the type of political use of public employees that has been common in Illinois.

Ghost pay rolling with the payrollers doing jobs like driving a power union leader.

The abuses occurred when he was Mayor of Paris.

21 fake job holders on the public payroll.

In any event the prosecutors were urging the judges to acquire Chirac and others on trial.

That’s right.

The prosecuting attorneys advocated acquittal, to which a leader of the reform group Anticor, a party to the case, commented, “This…shows the illness of the French justice system, we can see clearly its subjugation to political power.”

After the decision a former Chirac opponent characterized it as “a ray of sunshine in the black sky of scandals.”

So, what does this have to do with Bianchi’s deposition?

Maybe nothing.

But, even if a prosecutor doesn’t want to prosecute a case, the Judicial Branch can step in here, just as it did in France.

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