McHenry County Board Lobbyists

Browsing McHenry County’s web site, I ran across the following page about how much McHenry County spends on lobbyists.

From the McHenry County web site.

Silly me. I thought we had two members of the United States Congress, one U.S. Senator who knows where McHenry County is and has held two Town Hall Meetings here.

Guess they and their staffs aren’t good enough.


McHenry County Board Lobbyists — 1 Comment

  1. When we lived there before thinking we were moving to a responsive and responsible community (heh), I attended several DeKalb City Council meetings wherein the city discussed the bargain they were getting in paying their lobbyist, Patty Daly of the Daly Group, $64-$72K annually.

    Recently in a bold move, DeKalb dropped her from the budget, then made a middle of the night change and brought her back.

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