Irene Napier Endorses Karen McConnaughay for State Senate

A press release from 33rd State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay:

Irene Napier

Prominent Conservative Leader Throws Support to McConnaughay in 33rd Senate District Race

Citing strong fiscal record and commitment to traditional values, Irene Napier endorses Kane Board Chairman for Senate

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL–Irene Napier, conservative activist and founder of McHenry County Right to Life, formally endorsed Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay in the Republican primary for State Senate in the newly created 33rd District.

Karen McConnaughay

Napier cites the “need for good conservative, Pro Life, Republican women in the Illinois State Senate,” in endorsing McConnaughay and notes that, “her record of lowering spending and reducing government
headcount has contributed to making the Kane County government more efficient, transparent, and accountable.” Her ringing endorsement was sent to members of McHenry County Right to Life, as well as to hundreds of Napier’s fellow conservatives throughout the area.

McConnaughay expressed her gratitude for the strong show of support, saying, “many political and community leaders in McHenry County have agreed to support my campaign, but none is a more credible voice with social conservatives than Irene Napier, and I will work hard to continuing to deserve her support.”

The 33rd Senate District includes the northeastern part of Kane and south eastern part of McHenry Counties.


Irene Napier Endorses Karen McConnaughay for State Senate — 8 Comments

  1. I, along with so much of McHenry county, truly adore Irene Napier. She is the grandmother of the right to life movement and highly respected. Congratulations Karen. If Irene is willing to endorse you, you must have passed muster.

  2. Irene has been the victim of a big lie.

    I saw McConnaughay’s questionnaire that she submitted to Jack Roeser’s organization a few years ago.

    She would not answer a straight yes or no pro-life question, but wrote two pages about her support and experience with adoption.

    If she is a recent convert to the cause, welcome, but McConnaughay is still a disciple of Illinois’ leading Republican pro choice political consultant Christine Dudley and has rewarded Dudley’s mate Andy Raucci with a lucrative multi year lobbying contract.

    Cliff Surges is a long time pro-life advocate and, unlike the thrice married McConnaughay, Surges has been a practicioner of faithful and principled one man, one woman marriage.

  3. Welcome to a preview of the attack campaign against Karen McConnaughay.

    Because the hit squad that is gunning for Karen can’t attack her for reducing spending and government employees at the County, and being one of the most respected elected officials in the region, they will resort to their traditional tactics of a.) lying (claiming Karen McConnaughay is secretly pro-choice) and b.) personal smears.

    The McConnaughay campaign should be grateful that Mr. Zahm has tipped his strategy, although it is the only one he ever seems to use in his losing campaigns.

  4. Hey Skippy, anonymous coward, identify yourself.

    I was the Campaign Consultant for Drew Frasz in 2008 who took out the 44 year incumbent and McConnaughay’s Campaign Chairman Jan Carlson.

    Among my many clients over the years in all or parts of Kane I have helped to victory are the incumbent Treasurer, Recorder, Clerk, Auditor, Coroner (sorry about that one) Senator Lauzen and State Reps. Schmitz (sorry again), Ramey and Fortner.

    No one has a longer and stronger success record than me in Kane so identify yourself so we can learn which losing consultant or candidate you really are. And it is not a smear to point out how Karen uses tax money to reward her friends.

    I don’t win them all, but I win a lot more than I lose and I usually am working for longshots and underdogs.

  5. It’s about time a good Democrat like Karen Steve McConnaughay got a Pro-Life endorsement for a change

  6. Just like the PR Guru “Skippy” to help his current boss. Karen McConnaughay has used the Kane County taxpayers to fund much of her campaign operation.

    Review the payments to public relations firms that the Kane County taxpayers fund. You will find her current spokesman on the account as well as her pro CHOICE advisors.

    And what is a “personal smear”?

    That she has been married three times?

    That her divorce records are sealed while she calls for “full disclosure.?”

    That she gave raises to department heads she supervises in Kane County?

    That she never filled out a pro life questionaire prior to now? That she is aligned with many pro choice liberals in Chicago like Christine Dudley and other Emily’s listers?

    I respect Irene but the fear is she has been buffaloed on this endorsement. Did she get a 100% pro life position in writing? Hopefully so.

    No amount of “taxpayer supported spin” paid to a PR firm that got a county contract and now supports a Senate candidate will undo the harm of endorsing a phantom conservative and possible questionable pro life position

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