Walsh Taps into Raised Eyebrows about Congressional Mailing Restriction

Another issue Joe Walsh touched ignited media coverage.

Not living in the 8th Congressional District, I can’t tell you whether Congressman Joe Walsh sends out a lot of newsletters with postage paid by the U.S. government.

But, reading the Chicago Sun-Times this morning, I did see the article I have posted here.

Walsh criticizes the Congressional postage monitors for issuing rules saying that congressmen can wish their constitutes a Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah.

When I heard the story on the radio last night it struck me a bit strange.

Walsh obviously saw the possibility of headlines when he learned of the move by the censures.

He sent out a letter to colleagues on Monday and got a big response.

Congressmen are not allowed to send out mass mailings closer than 90 days before an election.

Fellow Illinois Republican Aaron Shock chairs the group making the rules.


Walsh Taps into Raised Eyebrows about Congressional Mailing Restriction — 3 Comments

  1. YES Joe Walsh sends out A LOT of tax-payer paid mailings. I get about one a month. When they went to full-page-sized, two sided, full color mailings I called his office to express my dismay and find out how much they cost. The woman who answered the phone had “no idea” how much each mailing cost but insisted they were very necessary to stay in touch with his constituents. That particular mailing was ostensibly to promote a job fair- although the job fair announcement took up less than 10% of the page. I pointed out that the job fair could be (and was) promoted for free through press releases and public service announcements but she insisted that direct mail was the only way to go. I asked that in the future, if Mr. Walsh had a message to impart that could only be mailed at taxpayer expense PLEASE use a small, black and white postcard and not a glossy, full color 81/2 X 11 mailing- after all we ARE trying to cut the US budget, no?

  2. Oh and to address the issue at hand: PLEASE do not spend a PENNY of my money to wish me Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or any other damn thing!

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