Illinois Gingrich Campaign Surfaces

A press release from the Newt Gingrich for President campaign:

Newt Gingrich volunteers organize campaign for Illinois Primary

In September, Newt Gingrich attended a fund raiser in Barrington Hills. Photo by Warner Todd Huston

Barrington, IL – The Newt 2012 campaign has arrived in Illinois for the March 20, 2012 Republican Primary Election.

In just a ten day period, a team of Republican Party volunteers and grassroots activists from around Illinois organized full slates of 54 delegates and 54 alternates to the Republican national nominating convention from 33 counties and all 18 new Congressional districts. They reviewed hundreds of candidates who are leading volunteer work for the Newt campaign in their communities.

These are the Newt Gingrich supporters who will be on the primary ballot to represent Illinois voters at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida next August 27 – 30. The list includes prominent local Republican elected officials or candidates, energetic “Young Republicans,” active Republican volunteers, and “Tea Party” supporters from over 80 communities.

Volunteers are now circulating petitions to collect the more than 10,000 signatures across Illinois which are required to get all of the delegates, alternates, and Newt Gingrich on the primary ballot. The Illinois With Newt Gingrich campaign has created a web page specifically for supporters to be able to download petitions and assist in the petition drive for Newt and the delegate slates in each of the 18 congressional districts.

“We are inviting Newt supporters from across our state to visit and join us in our petition drive to place Newt Gingrich and his slate of delegates on the primary ballot here in Illinois. This is the most critical grassroots function a volunteer can provide and we appreciate all of the hard work they are doing on behalf of the Illinois with Newt campaign,” stated Chairman Keith Hanson.

The campaign has set a Thursday, December 29th deadline to return petitions to the Barrington office. The petitions will be filed in Springfield during the week of January 3, 2012.

This is a “bottom-up,” grassroots campaign “rebuilding the America we love,” as Newt said in a recent campaign ad. Rather than criticizing the other candidates, the focus is on developing American solutions together.

The slates of candidates therefore include individuals from many different backgrounds across Illinois, and each brings unique perspectives and valuable experience to Newt’s campaign organization.

A complete list of Newt Gingrich delegate and alternate delegate candidates is listed and available by congressional district at:

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For some reason, the links to the Illinois Gingrich campaign site were not working about 1 PM Friday.


Illinois Gingrich Campaign Surfaces — 1 Comment

  1. Other than the fact that I will be voting for the Speaker, my brother and I have just started a talk show on WIND. We would love to have Spkr. Gingrich as a guest. We tape on Thursday afternoons but would do whatever would be needed to meet with him and tape at his convenience and then run the interview on the air.

    We are Rep. committeemen in DuPage County (Naperville and Lisle Twnps)and our format would be to basically ask the Spkr what he would like to talk about, how he would like the questions asked and basically give him a large bat and underhand toss large beachballs to him.

    We look forward to hearing favorably. We also have a video email program which may be of interest to the Spkr. You can visit for a bird’s eye view and hopefully follow up with a face to face meeting to flesh it all out. We believe in our product and believe it will aid the Spkr in the Illinois primary.

    We await your reply.

    Tom Laz

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