Ron Paul Supporters Hosting DeKalb Leadership Training School Jan. 12-13

Here’s some information that might interest some McHenry County Blog readers:

Leadership Institute Training for Pro-Liberty Activists

January 12-13, 2013, DeKalb, Illinois

Dear Liberty Supporters and Activists-

Now that the election is over, the time has come for Ron Paul supporters in Illinois to recognize our accomplishments, learn from our experiences and make plans for the next chapter in the story of the Liberty movement.

As you know, our all-volunteer Illinois for Ron Paul campaign achieved a third place finish in the 2012 Illinois Republican Presidential Primary with 9.32% of the vote (87,044 votes), increasing Ron Paul’s vote total by 93% from 2008.

Our volunteers gathered over 28,500 signatures for Ron Paul and his complete slate of Delegate Candidates.

We recruited a state wide leadership team of 18 District Coordinators and 87 County Leaders who coordinated voter identification, campaign material distribution, and volunteer list information through weekly state wide conference calls.

We hosted several debate watching parties, marched in parades, organized sign waves and held one of the largest political rallies of the 2012 cycle when Ron Paul spoke to 4,700+ people at the University of Illinois in March.

Ron Paul booth at the 2012 Illinois Republican Party Convention.

Ron Paul booth at the 2012 Illinois Republican Party Convention.

In June, we recruited a Delegation of 225+ Delegates and several Alternates to the Illinois State Republican Party convention in an attempt to secure at-large Delegates to the National Nominating Convention.

While that effort did not succeed, we sent the Illinois Republican Party establishment a strong message that the Liberty movement in Illinois is organized, passionate about our principles and looking to grow our presence in the party.

We also learned that the State Party has no intention of just letting us waltz in and have a seat at the table.

In order to be relevant, we need to succeed at the ground level over several electoral cycles in order to gain the influence required for success in the future.

That is why I wanted to write to you today and let you know about some special training being organized by our former Illinois State Youth for Ron Paul coordinator and Young Americans for Liberty leader Ryan Michie:

Leadership Institute Training for Liberty Activists, January 12-13th in Dekalb, Illinois.  Here is a note from Ryan explaining the details of this upcoming training:

The Leadership Institute will be in Dekalb, IL on January 12-13 to train and mobilize pro-liberty activists. The Leadership Institute is the premier training program in the country for organizers, campaign managers and future candidates. Top organizers and consultants will instruct and train participants. This program will teach conservatives how we can win elections with effective get out the vote strategies, media relations, grassroots organization (and launch a career in politics).
This is their flagship school geared to train those interested in learning the real nature of politics. We will have a class on youth organization as well.
It is just 15 dollars through January 5. This includes complementary meals, free hotel lodging and first rate material. So
\sign up today and join the growing number of attendees!
The Leadership Institute has trained over 115,000 attendees since 1979 and has launched more political careers than any other organization. Please contact Ryan Michie ( for any questions.

With incremental wins at the party precinct and local government levels, we can begin to build the political base we need to take on the establishment and lay the groundwork to achieve victory for principled Liberty candidates in the future.

The kind of activist training the Leadership Institute provides will help us learn how to win and be ready to pass our knowledge down to the new members who are certain to join our movement in the coming years.

In 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul was the messenger who captured the passion and excitement of millions of supporters dedicated to Restoring America’s promise through the principles of Liberty.  The next chapter in the story of the Illinois Liberty movement will tell how we were able to convert that passion into incremental wins at the local level and set the stage for the continued success of this movement in the future.  I hope you will join me in attending this important training event.

In Liberty,
Scott Davis
= = = = =
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