Ron Paul Files Illinois Petitions for Beauty Contest

Petitions for the "beauty contest" are also expected for Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum by Friday afternoon's deadline.

Coming off a third place showing in the Iowa caucus, Presidential candidate has filed his Illinois petitions for the popularity poll in the March 20th Illinois primary election.

Third was not good enough to garner any delegates in Iowa.

Neither will winning the vote for which the petitions were filed.

I checked a couple of congressional districts and could find no Ron Paul petitions for delegates.

Only names of candidates pledged to Mitt Romney appear.

Assuming the signatures hold up, the Illinois GOP primary voters will now see two names on the popularity poll, the winning of which provides nothing but bragging rights.


Ron Paul Files Illinois Petitions for Beauty Contest — 3 Comments

  1. The Iowa primary has no direct impact on how many Iowa delegates will vote for any given candidate at the party’s national convention in August.

    Delegates are selected in a different vote, held at the same meeting after the presidential poll.

    At each precinct’s caucus last night, political enthusiasts volunteered to represent their peers at the county caucuses, which will be held in March.

    The volunteers don’t necessarily offer themselves as supporters of any given candidate, although some do. Others just express an interest in becoming a delegate, and their neighbors give them the go-ahead.

    They are free to vote however they like at the county caucuses, where the delegates from each precinct will select who among themselves will continue on to the district and state caucuses.

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