The Warrant for McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Greg Pyle’s Arrest for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

The paperwork that led to McHenry County Sheriff’s Department’s Sgt. Greg Pyle’s arrest for ten counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault is below. Click to enlarge the documents.

Newly-appointed Associate Judge Mark R. Gerhardt signed the warrant.


The Warrant for McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Greg Pyle’s Arrest for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault — 15 Comments

  1. They could have held this guy for questioning for 48 hrs before charges made.

    He blows into town in the dark of night and has his money ready, and is out in 30 minutes.

    Oh, yes, this new judge used to work for Gary Pack.


  2. Well I guess the phrase, Birds of a Feather Do Flock Together!

  3. FYI ….no don’t blame the judge. He is way outside the focus of this case……….

  4. FYI? on what do you base your claim that Pyle could have been held for 48 hours without charges?

    And during that time would they be allowed to waterboard him as well?

    You sir, are almost as moronic as Gus who is sitting over in his hidey hole, whipping his willie into a frothy mess trying to make this all Nygren’s fault.

    Hell, Gus cannot even read?

    His big complaint this morning is that there were ten counts filed against Pyle and yet Cal’s blog shows only eight.

    How many do you all see here?

  5. Bail in previous cases like this ran $600,000. This guys roots make his actions questionable. Pyle should have been held and questioned.

  6. Name one case where you saw at $600,000 bond on a similar charge?

    I think you’re wrong. Prove your statement, please. Should be easy to do if it’s true.

  7. It is so wrong to print a copy of these charges, listing his address and the victims age after all the reports saying the victim was a family member.

    Victims in cases like these should be protected, not revictimized by the media. This kid will be the talk of school and neighborhood and have onlookers driving by to stare.

    These news reports will no doubt do more damage to the child than the abuse.

  8. Reading Gus Philpott’s blog, Woodstock Advocate, I realized I had not posted the 9th and 10th counts.

    I subsequently added them.

  9. I thought that Pyle threw his computers in the pond and yet here he is posting as “Gast FullPot”.

    “whipping his willie into a frothy mess”.

    Sounds like Sir Pumkin. Perhaps it another perverted posse member.

  10. FYI — Severity of the crime is not the only factor that goes into a judge’s determination of bail.

    I would guess that a large part of the reason why Nebraska guy in the Trib article had such a high bail is that his community ties in two states make him a greater flight risk.

    Also, the number set for bail is largely left to the discretion of the judge, and for all we know that judge is/was a tough-on-crime badass.

    That doesn’t mean he’s right.

  11. PJ –If you think it’s wrong to print the age of the victim, complain to Lou Bianchi’s office. It’s their job to protect the innocent, and anything released by them is public record. You should not expect Cal to censor public records.

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