Sheriff’s Department Finally Sends Greg Pyle’s Booking Photo

Greg Pyle

Not that you haven’t seen it before.

Apparently it wasn’t sent to the Northwest and Daily Heralds when a still unposted press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department described the Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault charges as “domestic issue involving the officer and his family.”

No photo in those article.

But, then, on Sunday afternoon, the booking photo started showing up all over.

That was January 8th.

Since Kieth Nygren’s Sheriff’s Department refuses to put McHenry County Blog on its media list, as usual, I filed a Freedom of Information request to get the photo.

It’s now mid-afternoon Friday, January 13th.

Attached to an email from the Sheriff’s Freedom of Information Officer arrived the booking photo, which I share with you in this article.


Sheriff’s Department Finally Sends Greg Pyle’s Booking Photo — 9 Comments

  1. Perhaps the sheriff’s dept missed the recognition of mchenrycountyblog as being one of the 2 best political blogs in the state of Illinois in a national review.

  2. You’re not the Lone Ranger, Cal. The sheriff’s department and the City of Woodstock won’t recognize

    I received the photo, too, in response to my FOIA Request for the Friday night press release. I’m waiting for the press release itself, which is what I asked for (not the photo).

    I’m not taking bets on when I’ll get it or if it even exists. Or if it exists (but it doesn’t exist). Wink, wink.

  3. FYI; yes, I’m sure that is the reason that Cal and Gus’s opinion blogs are ignored as NOT being news reporters, but mostly opinion pieces.

    IF they only reported the news, instead of making their own statements, about whatever has happened in ANY police agency, they might be recognized.

    Their consistant opinion that something else has happened that is being hidden from their public doesn’t allow for much creditability.

    However, in their defense, their blogs ARE their opinion pieces, and they are allowed, like everyone else, to have one and posy whatever they wish. But to consider them both to be legit news organizations stretches the imagination.

    Sorry if some of these words are misspelled; my spelling lacks gravity.

  4. Cal does a great service. We are underserved by our print media with blatant bias.
    Much news does not reach us without good blogs. I notice that often after Cal prints something and it takes on a life, the NWH will print. They are forced into it.
    They continually cover for their “choice” people by not informing the public and lies of omission. I have, along with many, have cancelled the NWH.
    Taking news off of the AP and printing it and NO good reporting is their problem.
    They created their own problem.

  5. It seems that much of the opinions of these men turn out to be fact more times than not.

  6. Bllatant bias?

    Lies of omission?

    If you are saying that Cal ISN’T guilty of these things, I’d like to know what blog you’ve been reading for the past several years, thinking Cal wrote it, cuz it certainly isn’t the same one I’ve been reading!

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