Manzullo, Walsh Reaction to Debt Ceiling Vote

Press releases from the congressmen mentioned:

Manzullo Votes to Force Spending Cut

Congressman fights debt limit hike, urges end to incessant borrowing

Don Manzullo

[WASHINGTON] – Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) voted today to force Congress to cut wasteful spending by opposing the President’s latest request for a $1.2 trillion increase in the national debt limit.

Manzullo, who wrote to Speaker John Boehner last month urging him to call Congress back into session if necessary to vote down the request, said it is time for the President and Congress to make the tough choices and get serious about cutting spending instead of continuing to borrow money and put America deeper and deeper in debt. The federal government currently borrows 42 cents on each dollar it spends, and the national debt recently surpassed $15 trillion.

Manzullo, who also opposed the President’s request for a $500 billion debt limit increase last September, said he was disappointed in the failure of the “super committee” to agree on significant spending cuts last November.

“During my time in Congress, I have voted nine times against raising the debt limit because it was not tied to real spending controls. This is another such time to say no,” Manzullo said. “I have voted more than 700 times against $2.6 trillion in spending over the past five years – that’s a good place to start to find savings. We have to get serious about cutting wasteful Washington spending and reducing our deficit so we can strengthen our economy and help employers put Americans back to work.”

Walsh Stands Strong on Debt Ceiling Opposition

“The whole concept of this Resolution of Disapproval is absurd.”

 WASHINGTON– Today, Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-08) voted present on the Resolution of Disapproval to demonstrate his continued opposition to the Budget Control Act. This is the second time Congressman Walsh has voted present for the disapproval of the President’s exercise of authority to raise the debt ceiling.

Walsh was one of 22 Republicans to vote in opposition of the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Joe Walsh

Walsh stated: “The whole concept of this Resolution of Disapproval is absurd.

“It’s pure political cover.

“We should not even be voting on this resolution, but the President has made it this way.

“I oppose the mere idea of having this vote—a vote to disapprove of a debt ceiling increase, which the President is all but guaranteed.

“Where was the ‘Disapproval’ with the Budget Control Act in August when it counted?

“This vote is a complete outrage to my constituents in Illinois and to all Americans.

“I cast my vote opposing an increase to the debt ceiling back in August.

“The whole idea of this Resolution of Disapproval is a joke and a waste of time.

“This symbolic vote today is simply a cover for members who allowed the debt ceiling to increase without fundamental spending reform in the first place.

“I was one of only 22 Republicans who voted against the Budget Control Act from the start, I opposed the first Resolution of Disapproval, and I will continue to stand up against these short-term political gimmicks that are ruining our country.

“I came to Washington to change the way this town does business, but this vote today is just business as usual.”


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  1. cONGRESSMAN Manzullo and Walsh……You still have’nt explained how the 1% have increased their income 0ver 200% in the last 10 years and the 99% has stayed the same???

    And they supposedly are supposed to give all the jobs !!! Get smart and make the rich pay more TAXES then you can balnce the budget!!

    But if you do that you could cut off the $$$$$ for your campaine funds….and you don’t want to do that …do you ??

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