Danielle Rowe Touts Pro-Life Credentials

In an apparent response to State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney’s press release about his endorsement by four Pro-Life organizations, this press release was sent out by tate Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe.  The two are fighting for support from the save voters, while appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney is not.

Rowe Is The Consistent Pro-Life Candidate For Pro-Life Voters

Jim Finnegan on a Family PAC Cruise holding the license plate for which he is spearheading the effort to pass authorizing legislation. State Rep. Jack Franks has single-handedly thwathed that effort.

Island Lake, IL – In the race for the State Representative in the 52nd district, there is only one true pro-life candidate: Danielle Rowe.

Rowe believes life begins at conception, and has been a strong advocate for pro-life issues for nearly 20 years.

During his run for Congress, Rowe’s opponent, David McSweeney, took the position that abortions should be allowed during the first eight weeks of pregnancy, but banned after that unless the life of the mother is in jeopardy.

In an article posted in the Daily Herald in February of 1998 (1), Chairman of the Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC, Felicia Goeken, said of McSweeney at the time: “He’s double talking. You can’t have both. That’s a double position there.”

Rowe has received support from other leaders in the pro-life community such as Jim Finnegan and Penny Pullen.

From left to right are Penny Pullen, Danielle Rowe and an unidentified woman.

“Danielle Rowe is an inspiring candidate, Pullen said.

“No one fights harder than Danielle, whether it’s for taxpayers, for small business operators or for vulnerable human beings who need a voice in Springfield.

“No one is more vulnerable than innocent little boys and girls who are waiting to be born, and no one will fight harder for them than Danielle.

“I am proud to endorse this remarkable woman and urge voters to send her to Springfield, where I know she will bring a sorely needed breath of fresh air,” says Pullen, former State Representative and long-time pro-life activist.

“Either you believe that life begins at conception or you don’t,” Rowe sad.

“If you do, as I do, then you understand that a life is a life and should be protected.

“I’m the only candidate in the race who has articulated this understanding—and consequently the only candidate who would be a consistent advocate for the protection of innocent unborn life as a legislator in Springfield,” states Rowe.

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