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When I was writing the article on the Friday radio ad for Newt Gingrich that I heard, I asked Illinois Coordinator Nick Provenzano if he could get me its text.

Turns out he doesn’t have access, but he sent the following update on the Illinois Gingrich campaign:

The campaign has been here for weeks. I’ve hosted several Newt staffers here in Illinois over the last two months. We are on conference calls continuously with the National political directors.

Nick Provenzano

We have hundreds on volunteers working through an exclusive social network system call “Newt’s Network”.This Newt’s Network is the platform to attract and leverage our volunteers into activists.

Illinois volunteers have made hundreds of calls from home into South Carolina through the “Make the Call” element of Newt’s Network.

Each volunteer has a dashboard that provides a list of activities available for immediate and measurable impact on the campaign.

For each activity completed points are awarded and a state and national tote board tracks their achievements and show their ranking among other volunteers.

Volunteers sign into their facebook and twitter accounts through “Newt’s Network” so that they can re-post and re-tweet key messages that they think will be effective with their personal network.

This single click posting is a very powerful way to reach exponentially greater numbers of voters.

Think about the concept of I tell 10 people and they tell 10 people etc. etc.

But now we have the tools to communicate in seconds to thousands!

This is the new 21st Century Presidential Campaign and Newt is at the forefront of this style of campaigning.

We know TV and Radio will have their traditional role but leveraging that investment against a network of volunteers reaching thousands with Newt’s message is the real key.


Nick Provenzano
Illinois Political Director


Illinois Gingrich Campaign — 5 Comments

  1. Leading Joe Walsh to an upset victory.

    Helping Randy Hulgren clear the field, and now getting Gingrich on the ballot.

    Provenzano is emerging has the top Republican politcal operative in the State.

  2. Actually, Provenzano deserted Walsh to work for his opponent.

    And Nick is the one who had his picture splashed on the front page of the newspaper recently for holding an illegal county board meeting.

    Not emerging but perhaps finally having his true colors exposed.

  3. He’s a politician… same thing. Show me a politician who isn’t an opportunist

  4. Hey guys just for the record, my role in Walsh’s Campaign was completed on November 16th, 2010.

    I began supporting Congressman Hultgren in September 2011. No desertion there, its called moving on.

    If you review my facebook page, I am supporting Walsh’s Campaign in the 8th against Rich Evans because I believe he is the best chance we have in keeping that seat in Republican hands against Tammy Duckworth, who I think will win the primary.

    When I started supporting Hultgren, who was remapped into my County by the Dems, Walsh was still running in the 8th.

    I was firmly on board with Hultgren six or eight weeks before Walsh announced he would leave the 8th and primary Hultgren in the 14th.

    Calling me an opportunist for getting hired by clients is like calling Cal an opportunist for writing about the latest “big story”.

    It’s our job.

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