McHenry County Dems Urge Support for Wisconsin Recall Effort

I just noticed that Mike Bisset and Terry Kappel are writing articles for the “Urgent Action” page of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee.

Chairman Mike Bisset writes on the top article:

The Wisconsin recall effort is continuing. Volunteers needed!

“Our friends in Wisconsin are looking for volunteers to help with their petition drive in Kenosha. If you can help with any of these events, contact Scott Page at 262-308-1879 or at [email protected]



McHenry County Dems Urge Support for Wisconsin Recall Effort — 12 Comments

  1. These idiots can’t stand prosperity.

    The Governor has balanced their budget, amongst other things and the Donkies still want a cradle to the grave big government deficit spending.

    Stupid is like stupid does.

  2. Well, the article was dated Nov 23, 2011.

    Obviously, the Democrats and the unions found enough petition forgers to do the job. I understand that they are finding that there are a lot of Democrats named Mickey Mouse in Milwaukee County.

    It must be the Cheese.

  3. When you have democrats and unions together you have a large problem.

    They are individually a problem . Look how the democrats have ruined the federal government starting with the guy in the whitehouse.

    Want to talk about Illinois, same thing.

    Together they are the ruination of this country.

    If the unions didn’t demand outrageous pensions for teachers, and all other union workers the states, especially Illinois would be in great financial shape.

  4. Can’t let the facts get in the way of your opinions? First sentence of the second paragraph of the link I gave reads:

    “On Dec. 29, Walker administration secretary Mike Huebsch sent a letter to federal health secretary Kathleen Sebelius certifying that Wisconsin will have a budget deficit through June 2013.”

  5. You people are ignoring the fact that Walker has made Wisconsin prosperous again.

    School districts in Wisconsin went from being 100’s of thousands in the RED to being over that much in the black.

    There is a very, very long list.

    My friends just over the border, in Twin Lakes, where they’ve lived for 21 years (never saw a property tax bill go down or even stay the same) — their tax bill went down $2,000, thanks to governor Walker.

    Our property in Wisconsin went down as well… because the school portion went down 24%!

    Not so here .. our assessed value is down, and I challenged the assessment, but the assessor told me that taxes will probably go up here in McHenry County they’ll just change the multiplier!


    Because the school districts will need their money to pay those inflated pensions.

    The Democrats and unions look like fools protesting and recalling GOVERNOR OF THE YEAR, Scott Walker. Wish we had a Scott Walker here in Illinois.

    Especially after the “good” news yesterday.

    We’re at the bottom of the barrel as far as states go… Illinois will look like Greece before long!

  6. Of course Illinois dims want to support the Walker recall.

    Walker’s reforms, and their phenomenal success show just how stunningly stupid and corrupt democrat policies are.

    Can’t have that ya know.

    If Illinois voters smarten up, the dim party is in deep doo doo.

  7. McHenry County has it fair share of successful families and commerce and even a nationally acclaimed blogger, but they also have their fair share of residents who who have lost or never had the ability to critically think, like the commenters here who think WI is a success story. There will be a recall this year of Governor Walker, unfortunately it will be tied up in litigation.
    People always outdo money. Look what happened in Ohio and now Indiana.

  8. Anyone that still identifies with democrats is beyond reasoning. People that can’t recognize the destruction wrought by this party should stay home and let the governor Walkers of this world fix it.

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