Peter Fitzgerald Endorses Chris Lauzen for Kane County Board Chairman

Former U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald has sent a letter to the editor endorsing his former State Senate colleague Chris Lauzen for the Chairmanship of the Kane County Board.

Fitzgerald is best known for having been responsible for the installation of Patrick Fitzgerald (no relation) as U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois.

For that, he was basically run out of Illinois politics by the Republican members of what Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass calls the (bipartisan) Combine.

The letter follows.  It can be enlarged by clicking on its image.


Peter Fitzgerald Endorses Chris Lauzen for Kane County Board Chairman — 5 Comments

  1. Peter Fitzgeral was an excellent Senator; his loss was our loss, just as it was when Andy McKenna was defeated as the Republican candidate for Governor.

    Had the Party supported Andy McKenna, Illinois would be “on the way up”, not in the dire condition it finds itself.

    Unfortunately, “control” overrides qualification when it comes to partisan decisions. Another reason to get out and vote, and make a difference.

  2. It’s nice that Peter Fitzgerald endorses a candidate for Kane County board Chairman, but really is that news for McHenry? Just wondering.

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