Carolyn Schofield Kicks Off Campaign for McHenry County Board

An announcement from Crystal Lake City Councilwoman Carolyn Schofield, who is running for McHenry County Board in District 2:

Carolyn Schofield

Dear Friends;

This is the official kick-off to my campaign, “Schofield for McHenry County Board District 2.”

You know me as a friend, neighbor, and Crystal Lake City Council Member, working diligently to represent the citizens of Crystal Lake.

Many of the issues that affect our quality of life extend beyond the Crystal Lake borders:

  • Adoption of the Crystal Lake Watershed into the County Storm Water Management ordinance;
  • Support of health and safety issues of groundwater protection;
  • Working with local policy makers on the potential regulations of coal tar sealants across.

This leads me to the reason I am running for County Board.

  • Thoughtful Representation: I will continue to represent the citizens of Crystal Lake while positioning myself to address the issues that extend beyond our borders.
  • Two-Way Communication: I will continue to listen to the thoughts and concerns of all residents, and respond to in a timely manner.
  • Leadership with Integrity: I will strive for transparency in government, place emphasis on safety, and maintain a consistent approach on addressing issues. As a County Board member I will continue to work with integrity while striving to protect our valuable resources.

I am running a true grassroots campaign.

Most of you know me personally; you know I am not a “typical politician.”

In 2007, then Planning & Zoning Commission Board member Carolyn Schofield voted with all of her colleagues against the McHenry County College Baseball Stadium proposal. That rejection resulted in the need for a supermajority vote, which Mayor Aaron Shepley and his allies on the City Council could not muster when Ralph Dawson added his vote to those of Jeff Thorsen and Brett Hopkins.

My involvement in local government started ten years ago, as a city planning commissioner, to “give back” to the community that I love.

Today, I continue for the same reason.

It has been rewarding to facilitate the process and literally bring local government to your backyard.

I enjoy hearing the thoughts and concerns of my neighbors while sitting at a ball game or a school event.

It is even more rewarding when I can address your thoughts and concerns by providing solutions.

Crystal Lake has benefited from many of those ideas.

I would like to continue this accessibility and expand it to the County level.

I have so much more to say and I would be honored to speak with you individually. You can also hear more about me at the Northwest Herald election central site.

I want this election to be about you, and I would like the honor to represent you as a District 2 County Board Representative, but I need your help!

  • Help get the word out by forwarding this message;
  • Encourage people to educate themselves on the local elections;
  • Share my literature with friends and neighbors;
  • Display my yard sign, and help me find good sign locations;
  • Your campaign contributions will be graciously accepted;
  • Vote in the Republican primary on Tuesday, March 20;

Every little bit helps!

Thank you for your support and I look forward to the opportunity serve you on the McHenry County Board!

Carolyn Schofield
815-341-2440  [email protected]net

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